We have a flat!!

I’m pleased to let you all know we finally have a flat for second year! A deposit has been put down and Ali and I will move in in July at some point. I’ve just called him and said ‘hi roomie’, the thought of moving in with him is so exciting, so nervewracking, so everything. It’s been a really stressful time, trying to get everything done and make the right decisions and I wont lie to you it’s really taken a toll on me mentally. As silly as it seems, something like this alongside my deadlines makes me really stressed, stress makes me anxious and being anxious makes me low. I want to do a top tips blog at some point for things like housing but I’ve been feeling really poorly the last few days and I finally got to sleep at 5 this morning, so I’m writing this only half awake.


Here’s to the future.  

6 years and new steps


Dinner and cocktails! 

I’m allowed to get a little sentimental today, well I think so. 6 years ago today I first fell for Ali we were both so young and got together for the first time after I told him ‘well I’ll love you anyway’ he blushed and ran away. The shy boy with the guitar now means more to me than life itself. Mushy stuff aside today was another step together which is more nervous and terrifying than the times that I’ve said I’ll go out with him (twice if you want to know) we went to a flat viewing and actually liked it.

Now as with all flat viewings I’ve been to lately I panicked and cried after, it feels like so much pressure to decide all this and sometimes it just gets too much. Luckily we have a weekend to think it over and talk about things. I’ve come back tonight and made a list of pros and cons and hopefully by Monday we will have made a decision and could have found our first home together! How weird is that!

By the grand scheme of things we’re taking our time, but that’s really the only option you have when you met someone at 13 and decide to go to uni. After dinner with Ali’s mum and her boyfriend we managed a quick cuddle before I had to go back again. Although we’ll really celebrate in August I can’t wait for the next 6 years or even the next 60 if we’re lucky enough.