After a really crappy morning I got an email that has made all the difference. I’ve been invited to the KU Talent Awards dinner because I’ve been short listed for the ‘Rising Star’ first year award. I don’t know if I can describe how excited I am or how grateful, just being short listed for something like this is so incredible and something I never thought I’d get. For the kid who wasn’t supposed to pass any of her exams I think I’m doing pretty well. After calling all of my family and Ali of course I spent the rest of the day mostly on a high, I HAD BEEN CHOSEN! 

I was only allowed to choose one guest, luckily I had thought about this at nomination stage. On the 14th March my Mum and I will be attending the dinner and awards which has a ‘Hollywood Glamour’ theme! So as you can guess it is now a frenzy of getting things booked and bought, a new dress for Mum, our hair, nails (more for Mum, possibly for me) and the room at the hotel it’s being held in. I honestly have no idea who is going to be there or what’s going to happen but I’m feeling happy and excited, if not a tad nervous about it too. 

I’m so glad I could share this with all of my 50 (??) followers and thank all for you for reading, I think this blog really gave me the confidence to go forward and talk to staff about going for the award itself. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to win but being short listed? It just makes me feel good to be recognised by the university! So now I have around 3 weeks to get over my nerves and get ready! Keep your fingers crossed, I might even win! 

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