I like a drink as much as anyone else. I’m happy sat in the SU bar with my double Malibu and lemonade and chilling with a few friends…if one happens to turn into three then that’s fine with me too, even if I end up falling asleep in Ali’s bathroom (true story). One thing I really can’t stand though is heavy drinking games…especially ones where you sit on your own with a camera. I heard about Neknominations on the news a week or two ago over the deaths of a few guys a bit older than me. I didn’t think much of it and then it started cropping up all over my Facebook page. 

I won’t tell people what to do, that’s up to them but I really don’t understand it. I get games like ‘ring of fire’ or where you watch a TV show and take a shot for certain things and I don’t mind never have I ever (a few nights have been spent playing that as well as fuzzy duck). I just don’t understand sitting in on your own, pouring a load of drinks into a cup so that it tastes revolting and filming yourself, I hope I’m not the only one. Now I’m ready for this shit storm over this one so let me make this clear YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT. I just don’t understand the point of it all…

I have to say though some of them have made me laugh and not because I like watching my friends do it. My friend Amy added Garlic Salt and Nesquick with hilarious results. My favourite though is when people take the piss out of the whole thing, starting with a guy I know called Phil who done it with apple juice, followed by Dan who slowly drank a mug of tea and edited the video and then of course my favourite crazy American Rhys drank a pint of fruit twist Fanta (nothing new there). Out of all of No People Club Ali and I are the only ones not to be nominated although if the occasion does arise I have something up my sleeve! 


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