Making some changes

That picture is me a year ago to the day I believe. Much like right now I had no idea what the next year would hold but damn I was SO worried. Would I pass my driving test? (no), Would I pass my exams? (yes), Would I get into uni? (yes). I suppose in that light not a lot has really changed. I don’t have all the answers this year either, but I am a little more confident about next year. I’m still anxious as hell and if I’m honest that hasn’t got much better. 

It’s not because it’s almost New Years that I want to change. It’s because I got to take a break from uni and think things over. I’m not as overwhelmed by the whole thing, I’ve done the deadlines once already and I’m getting a feel for what I actually enjoy. So next semester I’m going to – 

  • Socialise a bit more 
  • Worry a little less 
  • Not let Creative Writing bother me 
  • Enjoy English Lit 
  • Feel a bit better about myself 
  • Get rid of negativity around me 
  • Try and trust myself a little bit more 

It might not happen, I bet some of them won’t but at least I’m aiming for it and that’s what is important in all this. I don’t make New Years Resolutions, I’m always thinking of ways to help myself. So I wont be heading to the gym, I wont be starting a new hobby, if I do change my hair it’ll be because I’ve been thinking about it for the past few weeks. My main aim this year is to figure myself out a little bit more. Not in a stupid way such as ‘finding myself’ or any of that crap, just working out what I like, dislike and generally experimenting! After all isn’t that what uni is about?! 

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