Happy Birthday Elliott/A tale of two dinners

I wanted to include a lot of pictures for today’s entry but as it goes trying to get a picture of a 14 year old who doesn’t want to be photographed. Today is my not so little cousins 14th birthday and he’s growing up to be quite a young man. For our table of 9 or so it takes some operation to get us all out to dinner and to a big enough table of an afternoon. I had some other issues to worry about, today was going to have two dinners to get through in a few hours one for Elliott and one to say goodbye to Ali’s sister Claire. After some bribing of my 10 year old cousin Harvey we came to a deal, I’d order him an adults meal and he’d order me a kids so that I could eat at both dinners without seeming rude. It was nice to be around most of my family for an afternoon before I head back to uni in a few days. The best part was Gramps drinking a little too much wine and deciding he wanted to twerk…I’ll go into no details!Β After it was off to Ali’s to try and get ready for another dinner, a beautiful pasta dish which I wish I could have finished.Β 

Right now my belly is well and truly full and tomorrow is the last day of the year. Another day done and a kebab for tomorrows dinner, yum yum yum!Β 

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