Goodbye work!

Sadly today was my last day at my temp job! It’s weird how much I’ve enjoyed it, most days I’ve been looking forward to going in and earning money again. I’ve been a bit nervous about going back to a ‘real job’ lately after not having the best experience in past jobs. Now I’ve spent a few weeks back in a job with a boss and customers I feel better about being able to be with people in general and getting good feedback. I actually felt like I was needed and appreciated at work rather than just a body.

I think that if I was ever to be a manager I’d like to be able to make people feel like more than a body in a company. I liked the management here, I liked helping people find great presents for the people they loved. It was a real confidence boost for me.  I knew it had to come to an end though and it was a great way to end 2013. Oh and a note on the new camera, I’m hoping to be able to take and upload more pictures once I have some new batteries. Apparently my beautiful new camera eats batteries so I need some rechargeable batteries and go and pick up my new case so I can post pictures every day!

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