As many students will be aware across the country today many lecturers went on strike again today (with the threat of it happening again before Christmas). Now I’m torn over the strike, yes I support the majority of my lecturers and appreciate how much work they do when working with us but I find the whole concept of a one day stroke a bit odd. I’m not saying they should but surely a complete strike until they get what they need/want would work better? I just think it’s silly that it’s come down to striking, it reminds me of when I was a stubborn kid who didn’t want to do something. According to some lecturers I have spoken to this was the last thing they wanted to do but nobody is listening to them, something which I believe.

I haven’t had any terrible experiences today with the strike, I generally stayed away and let them get on with it. It’s not because I didn’t want to support them, I was just a little put off by the student unions attempts at ‘supporting’ the lecturers. There were flyers around telling us not to use the library. I’m paying £9000 a year, I’ll use the library whenever I want. Although I personally just avoided uni all together today, some of my friends braved it for many different reasons. Some students joined forces with the lecturers and stood peacefully with them. A friend of mine had a test that he needed to take, he walked in with no problems what so ever. Another friend of mine was blocked by some moronic student when he tried to walk through uni to our doctors (which is located on the main campus) and was asked about his ‘excuses’. The worst case though is that one of my friends needed to go to the library and a woman actually stood in front of him, lecturing about why he shouldn’t enter the buildings.

I know that if this happens again before Christmas there will be chaos and I doubt the students will give their full support. It’s so close to deadlines and everyone is starting to worry. After talking to one of my lecturers they explained that it is our choice, nobody is forcing us to stop going to the library. In all honesty I’m finding it all a little awkward, I think I’ll just head to band practice and hope all the rooms are open!

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