Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Look around any lecture halls right now and you will see the anxious faces of students when the lecturers start talking about assignments. Uh-oh we need to do actual work now, that might be a problem. I was lucky enough to have all my deadlines in the same week of term oh and one due in on the last day before break…score! 

I don’t want to write a magical post about how calm and relaxed I am because I’m just as stressed as everyone else right now! I think I’m going to end up dreaming about Queer Theory and referencing tonight seeing as I’ve spent almost 4 hours on this assignment. You see I don’t buy into this whole thing that ‘first year doesn’t count’. I am paying £9000 a year for this course, EVERYTHING counts. So while others are currently getting drunk outside my building I am sitting here trying to work out where this damn book was published and thinking about monologues. To put it bluntly this degree better get me a decent job because I can see lots of these long nights stretching out ahead of me for the next three years.

After a hellish day yesterday, I have managed to cheer myself up. Ali and I will be meeting one of our influences in  February and eating pizza with them, as you do. We also have Don Broco on Saturday as the tickets FINALLY arrived! 

Now I’m going to go and try and wake myself with a shower and read through this all again before tomorrow morning! 

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