Hey kid, don’t grow up too quick

When you go to uni you realise that you need to start acting like a grown up. After years and years of wanting to finally be able to do what I want I moved out, I started paying rent and making my own decisions. Now I want to curl up in my bed with my teddy bear and stay at home, as I’m sure many of my fellow students do at times. It’s not because we’re incapable, it’s because we realise that being an adult isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

When you start out you think I can do this, what’s all the fuss about? Then you get responsibilities, deadlines, money that your supposed to budget with. On top of all that everyone asks you a million and one questions as well as shit advice, most of which I want to give really sarcastic answers too. Take some of these for example 

Question : What do you want to actually DO with that degree when you leave?

Answer: Oh yeah I forgot I haven’t filled you in seeing as I have every single aspect of what I’m going to do with my life planned out. I’m going to run the f***ing world, you know? Because I really came to uni already knowing everything..that’s why I’m here.

Advice: ‘Oh yes [insert useless experience] will look fab on your CV’

Answer: Oh really, I bet it will look great on absolutely everyone else’s CV too..

Question: Oh Chloe have you lost weight again? – this one REALLY annoys me.


I realise I seem a bit angry with these replies but oh my when you hear the same thing every.five.minutes. You generally get a little bit hacked off. I mean being an adult has some advantages, you go to bed when you want, get up when you want, eat what you want. I absolutely love my course as well as the independence I get at uni. At the same time though it a damn scary and anyone who says it is not is a damn liar!  So if you haven’t started uni yet enjoy living at home as much as you can, you really don’t realise how much you will miss it.

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