Going to bed at 3am

Let’s just start this post by pointing out that going to bed at 3am on a Friday morning is a bad idea, especially when you have a 9 am start (good one Chloe). At the time, I didn’t feel this way as I was talking to my flat mate for most of the night and I thought oh yeah it doesn’t matter I’ll get up in the morning. I was wrong. 

This mornings bus dash (which isn’t uncommon anyway) was probably quite comical to any one watching me. I was running for the bus, arms flailing about in odd clothes. It is definitely the greatest way to turn up to your seminars in dungarees, tights and Ugg boots. To all my friends who said I looked fine, I know you lied, but thanks. After the first initial hour I was actually okay on 4 hours sleep and even during the car journey home I stayed awake. Right now though the combination of a lack of sleep, being at home and having been fed is getting on top of me and I don’t feel that great… I think it might be bed time!  

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