Things I like to do at Uni

There are many different way to enjoy Uni. It took me quite a while to be comfortable with who I am here because I don’t really do the ‘normal’ student things. I’ve posted before about being yourself and to all of you guys reading I’m going to be honest, this is a tricky one. It seems so cliché for me to do the whole ‘who am I?’ thing, I know you don’t want to read it, so I wont.   What I am going to do right now is be brutally honest about what I enjoy about uni at the moment (it may change) and be totally honest.

Going to the pub


This week I went on a spontaneous trip to the pub, it was the most comfortable I’d felt in town in a while. The best thing? There was no pressure to get drunk, we sat, chatted and laughed oh and we ate,  that’s always a good thing. I love my friends and these guys in particular know me well enough to respect my choices

Eating out!

These are a few of my Kingston Hill friends on a trip to Frankie and Benny’s, I’ve started to love eating out although maybe that’s because I’m hopeless at cooking…

Changing things for other students

So there isn’t a picture for this one but I’ve started trying to get involved with helping other students, the blog was just the start! I’m in talks with the Student Union about Mental Health and I will be applying to be a Student Ambassador to hopefully work with potential students and be as good to them as our student ambassadors were to me.

Film nights with the girls 

Ok so this picture was from army night but you get the jist. Christie and I love film nights when we’re both here, Dream Girls is next on the list!

Making music

This one hasn’t change and I hope it never does, this photo is from the SU website after we played in there a week or two ago, I met some really great people there too 🙂

Getting involved in what I want to study

I get really excited about having options of what I can study. There are so many possibilities within Literature! I may sound like a geek but in a way I am so glad because that means I chose the right thing to study, bring on second year options!!

Being a part of ‘Amy moments’ 

This girl makes me laugh so much! There are things that just seems to be classic ‘Amy moments’ for example dancing around the Spoons toilets and triumphing over the Henry Hoover….as I said ‘Amy moment’s

Cuddling up with the best guy in the world

We might act old but I love this guy and cuddles are THE best thing in the world after a long day.


Well this one is fairly obvious isn’t it 🙂

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