A visit from my Mummy!

Slightly worse for ware after all the rain…..

Last night I was excited beyond belief, my Mum was finally coming to properly visit Kingston! Despite not sleeping through the night and feeling awful when I got up we both got the the station at the same time for a very lovely cuddle. I love it when my Mum is here, although I have to admit it is a bit weird! This is going to be a brief post as I’m heading up to Kingston Hill tonight to help some lovely boys with their essays.

Although it wasn’t for long, having Mum up here made me realise that I’m actually pretty settled now. I loved showing her around, taking her on the bus (while she was very pleased she could pretend to be a student) and just generally telling her everything about uni. The best thing though was how much we laughed today, I’ve missed just laughing with my Mum and our silly sense of humour. After out christmassy hot drinks it was time for her to go though but I’ll be seeing her again this weekend along with the rest of my family!!

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