Sister Time

Today I was able to spend some quality time with my baby sister who is, in my opinion, beautiful inside and out. Now sometimes darling Summer-Rose can be a total teenage and a total pain in the arse. She knows what she wants and she tells people what she thinks. To me this is more of a relief than anything, my sister will not be bullied because she wont let anyone bully her. As I’ve move out I feel like we’re closer than ever and our phone calls get longer every week (our poor parents who pay for them!) and I get surprised about how grown up she is. She is no longer that little girl any more. It isn’t playing with make-up any more she thinks carefully, she hates her school work because she already knows it. She questions me about Uni and College trying to work out what she wants to do but at the same time she wants to see the Lego movie with Ali next month, she loves cuddles and she loves anything pink so actually she still is my very little sister. There is a seven year age gap between us so I’ll always see her as a baby and I think I find it harder than Mum to let her become a teenager.  I like to know that she’ll come to me with problems or when someone is doing her head in, I also like that she is now her own person. In short I am very,very proud of my baby sister.

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