Getting things done

So today was a day for getting everything sorted. I didn’t inted for this to happen but after my driving lesson was cancelled I had some time on my hands. I’ve realised I haven’t had enough time to write much lately and it’s been getting me down. After looking at the way my life has been these last few weeks I’ve decided to get organised. I still don’t especially love my halls and as much as I love spending time with some of the people here I still think it would have been better to live in Kingston Hill. 


So I’m getting to that point in my course now where I’m starting to understand things, maybe even attempting to get ahead. Despite all this though I’m turning the job down. I still have a lot of work to do and I want to enjoy life as a first year student, I’m going to be working the rest of my life so I’m going to enjoy my studies. That said I do want to work through the summer I hate doing nothing!! Right now I need to focus on me for once, get a good grade and get the EP recorded (oh and actually publish some decent blog posts, sorry guys!). 


Thanks for reading again! 

Chloe 🙂 

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