Making Decisions

After being at uni nearly a month I’ve made a big decision, I’m dropping Creative Writing as soon as possible. I thought that I wanted to be on the course and I don’t, I don’t feel like I’m getting what I wanted out of the course and rather than being super creative I’m noticing a lack of creativity.

When I was deciding I thought I wanted something creative to go with the English Lit course, but I’m finding my self loving English Lit and struggling along with Creative Writing. I’m losing my passion, which is something I never wanted to do. It can get a bit lonely when other people are getting great feedback and ideas and I just feel stuck all the time.

So now I’m making the right steps to leave the course either by transferring now or next year. I just want to be taking something I’m passionate about and right now Creative Writing isn’t it. These decisions aren’t easy but I’m really hoping I’m making the right decision.

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