So what am I paying for again???

I’m writing to you from the university library. Now usually I don’t get up this early to go to the library, it’s only 9.39am, despite fighting myself to get out of bed I got to my lecture dead on time.  I then waited 20 odd minutes and the lecturer didn’t turn up. If they had emailed I wouldn’t mind but I spent 4 hours of my Sunday reading the book for this lecture and I could have spent that getting head with other work. It wouldn’t normally bother me but this is becoming constant thing, especially in Creative Writing. I honestly love Kingston so much but I’m so glad I will be majoring in literature next year (I might actually have time to write my novel. 

In light of my time at university I think it’s important because sometimes you realise you’ve picked the wrong course and I never thought this would happen to me. It’s not because Kingston it a ‘lower’ university if Oxford taught it I would probably still get frustrated. I do get angry when I realise how much I’m paying and that if the lecturers don’t turn up they still get paid. 

Despite all this I am so happy today which is very odd because I’ve had a lack of sleep. I’m hoping that this good mood continues, it probably helps that I’ll be going home on Friday and I have Ali’s birthday to organise! You’ll also be pleased to know that I’m seriously considering writing a book for freshers, I feel like I’m in the right position to give advice because I am living through it! Let me know what you think in the comments section (below). 

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