Being looked after


Ali and I this weekend…not our best picture

As you all know I’ve been pretty poorly lately with my kidneys. After making the decision to come back to Kingston Ali has been incredible and I honestly needed it. I’m making this a blog about the whole weekend because the two days were very similar. I was cuddled a lot, kept an eye on and fed. Ali knows about kidneys so I was under his watchful eye for three and a half days, which really makes him a saint as I’m not the easiest person to deal with especially when I am sick and stressed. The up side was that I was able to sleep properly at Kingston Hill and although I was upset and didn’t want to leave on Sunday night.

You have to understand that Ali and I have been together for over five years now so it’s odd living 20 minutes apart and having new lives and new friends. I hope this will make us stronger and more independent but it is hard being in a relationship at uni, even the same one! Either way I’m so greatful I had someone to look after me up here, Ali really is one of a kind.

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