We may be home early and sober but we have had a bloody good time!




Beckiie and I ready for the Ball

Compared with how the evening turned out this morning was terrible,  I woke up still tired with a huge tummy ache. Not good. Then I found out that a certain online retailed had charged me for a service I didn’t want and my budget was low as hell after a few phone calls Beckiie and I were finally headed to the freshers fayre again! This time thankfully it was a lot less busy as we got there at an earlier time and I had learnt to lie to people if they wanted to harass you! We wondered around and got 2 lots of popcorn as well as 5 or 6 bags of goodies (we could have gotten more if we thought to sign up with a fake name as some people did, a tip for next year!)  before settling down and giving Ali a call. While we waited we looked through our bags and thought about how the day had been so far and we came to the conclusion that the Christian stands were the most pushy (apart from maths). This didn’t come as much of a shock in general but in comparison with the other religions it was quite shocking. Now Kingston is very diverse and one of the reasons I adore the place there were almost all religions there but Christians trumped them, they tried to talk us into meeting without really explaining about their faith and constantly bugged us unfortunately. I wouldn’t have minded if they were honest but a fair few representatives weren’t and that was a real shame. We visited a lot of stands and had a breather between them. After a while Ali came and as usual he got on with what he wanted to do then made his was away…which meant it was birthday present time for me. A whole afternoon with a certain budget and I could get whatever I liked! Unfortunately we didn’t find much so the conclusion was I would get my present at the Paramore concert next Friday…that was until we found an incredible chocolate shop called Montezuma’s. Ali knows me so well he got me what is called a ‘chocolate library’ combining two of my passions, chocolate and books (ok not real books but it was a good idea). 


My Chocolate Library! Yum Yum! 

After surviving freshers it was time to head home for the ball and so we waited for the bus, then we waited again…then we waited some more. It got there eventually. When we got back I started feeling tired and low and after a long cry down the phone to Ali and my Mum I started to feel better and got ready for the ball. I really didn’t know if I wanted to do a night out but I’d already paid for the ticket so I agreed.  Although we weren’t drinking much and it wasn’t our kind of music we had an amazing time (Ali didn’t come but myself, Beckiie, Joe and Conor had a laugh). We ended up in the Student Union for most of the night before attempting to catch the bus home (which in the end was cancelled so we had to get a cab). It just proved my point that you don’t have to get wasted to have a good night. Don’t get me wrong I like a few drinks sometimes but being wasted is horrible and after the last time I really don’t want to be there again plus it is SO much cheaper (especially if you are a lightweight 😉 ) 


Beckiie, Me, Joe and Conor (behind) 


So that’s it for the day and a pretty successful one at that. I am SO looking forward to sleeping over the weekend! 


Thanks for reading! 


Chloe 🙂 

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