Blogmas 2019 - Ranking Cadbury Heroes

Blogmas 2019: Ranking Cadbury Heroes Chocolates

We’ve made it, the last installment of ranking Christmas chocolates. It’s been long, it’s been opinionated but here we are. Now it’s Cadbury’s turn to be under the microscope.

Are you ready? Let’s do it.

9. Fudge

Ok, I confess I find these super bland and pretty tasteless compared to some of the other varieties of fudge in other boxes around Christmas. Always left as a last resort.

8. Dairy Milk Caramel

I’m not a fan of caramel and in these it’s too sickly sweet for my liking. and there’s never a good chocolate to caramel ratio. I’m very passionate about this.

7. Eclair

Similar to the toffee penny in Quality Street, this one can take a tooth out if you’re not careful, even though they are pretty yummy. It just takes a while to get through them.

6. Double Decker

They’re not the best but they’re definitely not the worst. I much prefer the bigger version of these but beggars can’t be choosers.

5. Wispa

Pretty standard but also pretty good also works super well if you dip it in hot chocolate – thank me later. 😉

4. Twirl

All hail the Twirl, one of my favourite Cadbury bars in tiny format – what’s there not to love?

3. Crunchie

The addition of the Crunchie was a bloody brilliant idea and they are so tasty, which is why they are secure in the spot of number 3 and not to be moved.

2. Classic Dairy Milk

You can’t beat a classic bit of Dairy Milk can you? It’s a staple of British chocolate and I don’t think you can go wrong with it.

1. Creme Egg Twisted

A little bite of Creme Egg at Christmas? Yes please. One of the best decisions the people at Cadbury made. I stand by it.

Where would you rank the Heroes? Let me know below! 👇

Blogmas 2019: Ranking Quality Street Chocolates

Blogmas 2019: Ranking Quality Street Chocolates

And here we are! Back with another round of ranking the Christmas chocolates. This time we’re looking at an old classic – Quality Street. Are you ready?

11. Purple One

Yep, I know people won’t agree but I don’t get the hype. It’s not that special in my opinion. It’s okay…just okay.

10. Toffee Penny 

Ok hear me out, yes they are a classic but they can also pull your teeth out if you’re not careful.

9. Coconut Eclair

Personally, I really like Coconut but these are also just ok – pretty bland, also left over at the end of Christmas (which is when I swoop in to my families box because I’m not just going to let them go to waste).

8. Caramel Swirl 

For caramel it’s pretty good, a mix of chocolate and caramel and I’m super picky about the ratio. I know it’s weird, let’s move on.

7. Toffee Finger

Less likely to pull a tooth out and also pretty delicious.

6. Vanilla Fudge

I think that out of all of the tins that include some kind of fudge Quality Street get it right, it tastes like a cloud,

5. Milk Chocolate Block

Standard but a solid choice (get it…solid! Ok I’ll stop). You know what you’re getting with this and it doesn’t disappoint.

4. Orange Creme

The recipe has definitely changed over the years but it’s a classic, it’s festive and comes in just behind its great other half.

3. Strawberry Dream

The Strawberry Dream was my favourite for years but because of a recipe change it’s slipped a few places. I still love it and I will still try and get to them before my sister has the chance.

2. Orange Crunch

Something a little bit different, I love the mix of orange and chocolate and the little crunchy bits make a nice change to everything being smooth all of the time.

1. Green Triangle 

So I adore these chocolates and they need to bring back making the giant ones that they did a few years ago because oh my goodness they are so, so good. Yummmmm.

Bonus (not ranked) Chocolate Caramel Brownie

This is limited edition so I’m not really sure I can add this into the overall ranking.

What order would you put the Quality Street tin in? Let me know below. 👇

Workouts and Willpower


Work it!! 

For the last 6 weeks I’ve been trying really hard to get fitter and healthier. As soon as I was told that I was allowed to attempt a little more exercise I wanted to work on it. I went to physio religiously and only missed one week because I had the sickness bug and wasn’t allowed to. I’ve never really had the kick up the butt I needed before, but after the accident I had a huge appreciation for, you know, a working body.

Now I’m at home it would be easy for me to say ‘oh well! I’ll just start again in January!’ and then eat everything, ignore my routine and then cry in January. I refuse to forget my progress. So, a few weeks ago I called the biggest gym enthusiast I knew and asked if he could be my gym buddy once I was home. This morning I was picked up by my Gramps and we headed to the gym for my induction and his work out.

It is very weird that my Gramps is so much healthier than me and while I was being shown around, he was on all the machines! Eventually I got started and we were doing some of our exercises side by side. It’s nice because we’ve always been super close, to the point where I wouldn’t sleep as a toddler until he’d come home from work, so having this to do just the two of us was nice. Hopefully I’ll get at least 2 more sessions in before I go back to London.

I left feeling energised and really proud of myself. No one forced me to go and work out today I wanted too and felt so good after. My new gym buddy was pretty pleased too. If 16 year old me had been told I’d love the gym she would have fainted (I’ve never been sporty at all, riding was the only thing and, well, you know how that went).

Now, the other thing I need to work on over the holidays is not over indulging on sweets, chocolates, my Mum’s amazing cooking and my sisters delicious baking. Over the past few days I’ve been very good. I’m using my app and still eating my recommended amount of calories but it is hard. I don’t want to just not eat but at the same time I don’t want to seem rude. It’s a tough balance and on days like today sometimes I don’t want to eat because I know I’ve done so well, then I quickly remind myself that I’m not getting into that cycle again. I’m doing this the healthy way or not at all, hence why I won’t have any scales in my flat.


Mine and Summer’s Gingerbread House…looks so yummy!

My willpower is being pushed to the limit but so far, so good. I feel healthy, happy and actually really accomplished that I’m sticking to something I’ve found so difficult in the past. Unlike a lot of the ‘new year, new me’ types that will head into the gym January I’m not doing this to lose that big of extra weight or because I ‘should’, I’m doing it because I’m really proud of my body. After all the healing and growing new bone after so much damage (some of which may be permanent) I’m going to treat it as well as I damn well can.


Starting December right!

It’s been a pretty positive start to the week and now the month, just what I needed! There’s been some really shitty parts to this year, especially in the last few months so I’m determined to send 2015 off in a positive year and look forward to 2016…even if I am a little bit terrified of it! I wasn’t feeling particularly great about today, I was anxious about my gym class because of the pain I’ve been having but it turns out I didn’t need to be. That said I was already in a good mood from last night after having a long and lovely Skype conversation with Eleanor, it’s hard with her being all the way in New Zealand but we’re making it work.

Of course today is December 1st (I know, how is it December already?!?) so it’s advent calender time but since I haven’t been back home in a while I had no advent calendar this morning…the first time since I was 1. Luckily Mum text me a picture this morning of a maltesers advent calendar all for me, yay! I also picked up Star Wars ones for me and Ali too because IT’S FINALLY STAR WARS MONTH AND MY TICKETS ARE BOOKED, AHHHHHH.

As always I trekked to the hospital for 9am *sob* for my morning gym recovery class. I’d had a rough week last week so I was lucky I could talk to Mum before going and try and get in a good mindset before going in, got mistaken for a student nurse (I wish!) and got told that ‘surely I still have time to grow’ after I complained I was so tiny… the people in the class thought I was in my teens. Of course the real reason I was nervous was pain but I tackled all the machines, including a new one, and I kicked butt! There is no better feeling for me at the moment than coming home covered in sweat and knowing I’ve worked hard to get better, even if I do pay for it later. Oh and because my physio instructor for the gym is amazing I got given a sticker because I worked so hard…being the youngest has its perks!


Another really amazing thing is that as I’ve mentioned before I’ve struggled with the fact I’ve put on weight because of the accident and recovery, as well as the implications of my medication. As I wrote before I won’t mention numbers on here but I can confirm my healthier eating habits and gradually building up movement is working I’m finally losing the weight I gained!! I’m really proud of myself for doing something healthy and my strength in will power!

I ended a good day with a great evening at The Fighting Cocks with Ali, Charlotte, Rhys and later Joe. I got to play in the quiz, laugh a lot, get drawn on and just get out of the house with no expectation to get drunk which was really nice. It also helps that whenever me and Charlotte hang out we can’t stop laughing.

I’m stupidly excited about this start to December and I hope more than anything it carries on!

Something chocolaty this way comes…


Ok so the plan tonight was to put my robe on, head out to a party and be more than a little bit hungover tomorrow. Seeing as I’m writing this you can all work out that it didn’t happen. I do love Halloween, even more when I’m in the US *cough* Mum and Dad *cough*, Tonight though I knew the drill, cheap drinks, expensive entry, awful chat up lines and long queues. Until this morning I was totally up for doing all that and having fun, then I thought about it and I honestly couldn’t be bothered after being up early for work today and having a load of stuff to do tomorrow.

I do slightly wish I was out tonight but at the same time I know it wouldn’t have done me any favours. I’ve had an exhausting week and my moods are just starting to become stable again after almost a week of dropping in the first place. Luckily the boys don’t seem to mind, Ali likes the company and the girls all have their own plans.

I do have loads to look forward to, other than the pile of chocolate and sweats I bought with the money I was going to use for tonight. It’s Ali’s 21st in 2 days!!!!! Then Joe’s and then I can finally start a real Christmas countdown. Taking it one step at a time, but so does having an excuse to buy bags of chocolate 😉

Happy Halloween folks! However you’re celebrating!

So many countdowns…

Here we have it, we are finally at the 1st of December, so many things to count down to. There’s the obvious count down to Christmas (24 days) , the count down until the end of semester (12 days), the count down until all my work is due in (nope, not counting that one) as well as various other things I am counting down till this month. I’m at home at the moment and if I’m honest leaving is going to be a little hard. I miss feeling comfortable around people, being in halls is hard work sometimes.

I don’t know how erratic my writing will be this month, there is so much to do meals to plan, presents to buy, packing to do as well as the damn assignments. I’m hoping everyone else feels this panic so I might actually get a little bit of sleep. You have to remember though this month has one daily treat. I think my advent calendar(s) might just get me through all the stress this time…

We may be home early and sober but we have had a bloody good time!




Beckiie and I ready for the Ball

Compared with how the evening turned out this morning was terrible,  I woke up still tired with a huge tummy ache. Not good. Then I found out that a certain online retailed had charged me for a service I didn’t want and my budget was low as hell after a few phone calls Beckiie and I were finally headed to the freshers fayre again! This time thankfully it was a lot less busy as we got there at an earlier time and I had learnt to lie to people if they wanted to harass you! We wondered around and got 2 lots of popcorn as well as 5 or 6 bags of goodies (we could have gotten more if we thought to sign up with a fake name as some people did, a tip for next year!)  before settling down and giving Ali a call. While we waited we looked through our bags and thought about how the day had been so far and we came to the conclusion that the Christian stands were the most pushy (apart from maths). This didn’t come as much of a shock in general but in comparison with the other religions it was quite shocking. Now Kingston is very diverse and one of the reasons I adore the place there were almost all religions there but Christians trumped them, they tried to talk us into meeting without really explaining about their faith and constantly bugged us unfortunately. I wouldn’t have minded if they were honest but a fair few representatives weren’t and that was a real shame. We visited a lot of stands and had a breather between them. After a while Ali came and as usual he got on with what he wanted to do then made his was away…which meant it was birthday present time for me. A whole afternoon with a certain budget and I could get whatever I liked! Unfortunately we didn’t find much so the conclusion was I would get my present at the Paramore concert next Friday…that was until we found an incredible chocolate shop called Montezuma’s. Ali knows me so well he got me what is called a ‘chocolate library’ combining two of my passions, chocolate and books (ok not real books but it was a good idea). 


My Chocolate Library! Yum Yum! 

After surviving freshers it was time to head home for the ball and so we waited for the bus, then we waited again…then we waited some more. It got there eventually. When we got back I started feeling tired and low and after a long cry down the phone to Ali and my Mum I started to feel better and got ready for the ball. I really didn’t know if I wanted to do a night out but I’d already paid for the ticket so I agreed.  Although we weren’t drinking much and it wasn’t our kind of music we had an amazing time (Ali didn’t come but myself, Beckiie, Joe and Conor had a laugh). We ended up in the Student Union for most of the night before attempting to catch the bus home (which in the end was cancelled so we had to get a cab). It just proved my point that you don’t have to get wasted to have a good night. Don’t get me wrong I like a few drinks sometimes but being wasted is horrible and after the last time I really don’t want to be there again plus it is SO much cheaper (especially if you are a lightweight 😉 ) 


Beckiie, Me, Joe and Conor (behind) 


So that’s it for the day and a pretty successful one at that. I am SO looking forward to sleeping over the weekend! 


Thanks for reading! 


Chloe 🙂