Do I look like a Kingston Uni student to you?

Today was my first day in Kingston and I have officially enrolled as a university student. As I write this I have an ID card in my bag and I’m wearing a lovely red Kingston hoodie (for the great price of only £20, ok so that is sarcasm right there). Luckily Ali and I had the same appointment slot so I didn’t have to go on my own, all the girls had theirs much earlier in the day so I took the opportunity to stroll around the absolutely packed Bentalls Centre. Oh that’s another thing I’ve learnt not to go into town on a Saturday unless I have too it was so packed I ended up eating lunch sat on the floor…

The enrolment itself was fine we had to explore rooms and spoke to different people from the university. I also met a lady who told me about a potential job for the uni as well as inviting me to go to something for the Chancellor, I gave her my email and I suppose we’ll see what happens. Apart from that today was quite normal I suppose I’m just getting used to being here and trying to get ready for a big week ahead. Oh God what have I let myself in for!



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