An Evening with Kingston Chancellor Bonnie Greer (17th September)

I woke up and as usual scroll through my email only to notice one from Kingston Univeristy, the contents shocked me. I had been invited to attend the inauguration  of our new Chancellor Bonnie Greer an inspiring woman and the first to head the university after a long line of males. She is an author and playwright with interests in the arts as well as the sciences. I didn’t have to think twice about accepting the invitation. the evening was amazing and I had the honor of meeting so many important members of Kingston University as well as the Chacellor herself. She is an inspiration and her story is incredible. You may think that she would not be interested in a first year like me, you would be wrong. I can honestly say that Bonnie Greer is one of the nicest people I have ever met, she was grateful that myself and a third year had taken the time to wait for her to exit the room she was in to meet her. The ceremony was fantastic and I wish more of my fellow students could have had the opportunity because it honestly did make you proud to be a Kingston University student, to be English and to be a woman all in one evening. The Chancellor was even interested in my project ‘The Presentation of African American Women’ and would like to discuss it when she is available, I was gobsmacked. I can honestly say I was so lucky to be in the right place at the right time and I cannot wait to see what Chancellor Greer does next.

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