Birthday Girl!


Today was my 19th birthday and I woke up feeling like death. I hate alcohol, with a passion and that my friends makes me a ‘bad fresher’. I have spent all day feeling like I need to puke and I have certainly learnt my lesson! It was so lovely that my parents and sister came to see me today I wish I had been more awake although they thought it was incredibly funny. I got some lovely presents and cards (especially the ‘punk princess’ one from my flatmates!). The thing was where I was away from home it didn’t completely feel like my birthday if you get what I mean? It just felt like another day of things to get used to and get my head around well that’s freshers week for you! In a bit of a cheeky way I also get part of my birthday tomorrow too as Ali takes me shopping for my birthday present!! I honestly can’t wait to see my family again though, as much as I love uni I did really miss them all today <3 

Happy Birthday to me! 

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