Starting to say goodbye!

Although I said goodbye to people Saturday night I never saw it as saying goodbye. Today I actually had to do that and it was HORRIBLE. After a morning of stressful packing (thank you mummy for all the help) I’m almost ready for uni! It feels so weird! This afternoon I had three close friends to meet up with and say goodbye too! My friend Lucy who is 6 months pregnant (although I will be back in time to meet little Skylar! Yippie!), my friend of nearly 10 years Grace and my best English buddy Erin who shares my love of The Fault in our stars! Although there were not tears it was really emotional that I’ll be moving especially as they’re all going through such exciting times at the moment with Erin and Grace entering their final year of college and starting uni applications themselves as well as Lucy’s bump getting steadily bigger. It’s weird because we are all reaching change in our lives and me, Erin, Grace and Ali all went through school and college together it will be odd to be apart. It was nice though to have that time and we’re already arranging time to meet up in London!! Tonight was a meal with Ali’s family to say goodbye too which was nice. Tomorrow holds more uni bits, a family visit and another meal! For now I’m shattered!!

Night All!!



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