A very happy unbirthday to me!


Now I’m not the Mad Hatter and I’m only very occasionally Alice in Wonderland but over the next week I will be celebrating 3 ‘unbirthday’s’ with cake and presents included. The 7th of September was the first, I invited a lot of friends and there was 11 of us in the end. Usually I would be very upset but it actually proved who my real friends were ( not just the people who were there, the people who bothered telling me they couldn’t be) and we had a fab time complete with Nandos, Jager Bombs (oh dear the Jager Bombs) and a very drunk me dancing around the pub to Ah-ha’s ‘Take on me’. I think it’s safe to say the hangover the next morning was very worth it. I wanted to use this post to thank everybody who came and to show how much I appreciated them being there so here it goes

Tom (not in the picture, he took it) – You came back from uni after being there just a week, thank you ‘justin’ ❤

Lydia – We’re not that close but you came anyway and got me very drunk ❤

Katie – After 7?!? Years of ups and downs I’m so glad you came, thank you so much! Have a lovely birthday and good luck at uni :)

Lucy – Damn girl what can I say about you, so many years, so many memories and you’ve always stuck around. I love you.

Grace – Thank you for the lovely gift my adopted daughter. We’ve known each other so long and I’ll miss you, call me if you need me and I’ll SO be at your final fashion show next year :) .

Doug – We’ve been actual friends for nearly 15 years (yep we’re getting old) and despite the puking incident (TWICE) your still a close friend as is your lovely family. I’ll miss your funny little ways, good luck at Essex! I can’t wait to visit!

Luke – I finally got you to come out with me!! haha I’m glad we pulled through our maths GCSE I don’t know if I could have got through a re sit without your humor!

Joseph – Such a thoughtful gift Joseph, maybe we could meet at Llloyds some time haha!

Ali – I hate you, I don’t know why you came. I’m kidding, I love you thank you for getting me safely home and being a wonderful boyfriend as ever.

Erin – Eriny, thank you also for a very thoughtful present! I’ll miss hanging out with you on my frees and I’m so looking forward to seeing you do well in English ( I know you will) call me, text me, tweet me ❤

So that people is a list of true friends. You find them in the most odd places :)

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