The beginning of Tetris, otherwise known as packing up my room

What they don’t tell you when you sign up at university is that you have to become a master at the loveable 80s game Tetris. Now as any cool 90’s kid will remember playing Tetris was the highlight of black and white gameboys (as well as pokemon), so now we get to try it out in real life… welcome to university life! Packing is proving to be a bit stressful, making sure you’ve got everything, working out where it’s all going to go and how the hell your going to get it all to uni in the first place. Thankfully my Uncle has a big car so the plan (so far) is that him and my Dad will be going up in the car with my stuff while me, Mum and my sister Sums will be following up on the train and meeting them at my halls. Just thinking about the move next week makes butterflies explode inside of me.

I’m all mixed up inside, excited ,terrified, wondering how on earth I will manage on my own, then back to excited. It honestly is a rollercoaster of emotion and if Kingston weren’t such a helpful university I would be in major panic mode right now! I now have almost everything in place to go including my DSA assesment forms thank goodness! Now it’s just time to wait for entitlement and I can order my lovely new laptop and software to help me with my course. The DSA are being very generous with their time and what I am allowed due to my ‘condition’, as I said to you all before I see this as a small part of me and as something I have to deal with. That said I am grateful that people are trying to make it easier for me if I am having a bad day I can do something about it and move on. I believe that this support should be in place for everyone in education as it’s really lacking!

It’s my last weekend in Basingstoke this weekend (thank god!) So there should be some pictures and news (and maybe a late blog entry after my night out tomorrow!).

Thanks for sticking around!


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