The return- part two

Four am is  a wonderful time of the morning, the stars are still out, its calm and it’s quiet. At the same time it gets to 8.45 and you feel like you’ve been up all year. This morning I got up at that unsociable hour to pick up Ali’s older sister from the airport on her long awaited return from travelling! Claire is a few years older than us and shes just gone travelling solo across Asia, something in my eyes which is an incredible achievement. It is lovely to have her home after all these months although all of us will be moving out in the next 2 weeks! (Scary huh?) I got lovely presents over the last two days from holidays, Claire got me a lovely bookmark (which should come in handy with all the books I should be getting for my birthday) and a small clock for my desk at uni. Ali got me a lovely present as well , converse shoes are always a winner for me! 



Seeing Claire come back from travelling made me get the travel bug again! I watched so many people coming back through with backpacks that I was so desperate to find a plane grab Ali and go and explore. I’m not personally attracted to Asia although it does seem very interesting for me the key to the world is Europe. Europe has so much rich history that I honestly can’t get enough of it. Rome is the first stop, next summer which will be so exciting. The I want to go travelling across Europe for a month, I want to head to Australia and meet my childhood friend (although on this occasion it will more than likely be on my own as long haul flights arn’t Ali’s cup of tea!) and just look around. Once I turn 21 I want to head back to the states to visit New York, Florida and California (top of my list right now). I could list everywhere in the world I want to go but it would take a while. I’m not stupid I know I might not get to see everywhere I want to go but I at least want to try.

Now everyone is back however uni is getting closer and closer and it does feel very weird. I only have 10 days (well 9 now seeing at it’s night time) until I pack everything up and leave Basingstoke behind. I’ll be honest and tell you that I am in a blind panic half the time, how will I do this? how will I manage that? There are bigger questions like will my student loan come in on time? Will I find my course ok? Will I be able to keep up? I often get the worry that I wont be good enough for university. I have this need to be one of the best or the smartest even though most of the time it doesn’t matter. After speaking to some lovely friends I have I’ve been assured that they too are waking up with butterflies and feeling a bit sick while battling with the excitement of it all. If I’m honest as long as I have Ali and a supportive group of friends I should get along just fine. I already know that Kingston have a great support network in many different ways but it is still really daunting. 

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