The new adult

As of tomorrow I won’t be fixing teen to the end of my age any more. I’ll feel more like an adult than I ever did at 18, I have a flat, bills to pay and work hard at my job as well a studying. I’m actually having to think about the future a bit and what I want. Like many other people my age, it terrifies me but it’s also the calmest I’ve felt in years. I know that makes no sense, at all.

I have a lot going on at the moment in every area of my life, that is except with Ali. We’ve been together for 6 years and moved in together. Apart from the getting used to living with each other and not have to actually plan to see him, it works better that way. That said 20 carries a lot of expectation and baggage.

Excuse my french but well, fuck me let’s all get married and have babies as soon as we get to our twenties. That’s what people seem to do. The next 10 or 20 years of my life will be spent trundling through weddings, baby showers and christenings. Not my idea of fun.

At the same time I will hopefully be doing something that doesn’t bore me to tears, don’t get me wrong I love my friends and family but being in a stable relationship doesn’t mean I don’t want fun and adventure. I want to go places next summer, Greece is looking good, Italy is a possibility as well as going to different parts of the UK to explore. I’m just about to hit 20 and the next 5 years  I hope are going to be different, exciting. Go on tour, work on the city.

Will I do the normal things?  Yes I don’t doubt that but I’d rather be fun about it. It might be young and silly but I want to do things my own way. I want to have a life that is my own, not in a selfish way but I want to have kids and show them things, not let them rule my life. I’ll do what my parents did I’ll still go abroad but I’ll take them, I’ll still see friends even if they come with me. I’ve spent the past 6 years with a boyfriend trying not to be one of those annoyingly sickening couples, which I’m sure we won’t be.

So I’m going into the new time of adult and kissing my teens goodbye. Am I scared? Yes. Am I excited? Definitely. Are there days where I want to crawl into bed and shout I’m not growing up, never, ever, ever!? Of course there are.

So I’m entering something I have no idea about, let’s see how this goes…

My bands teaser!!!!!!!

I’ve been bouncing around about everything we’ve been doing in the studio for a while now. Here is our first teaser for the next single which is out VERY soon!!!!! Follow us on twitter @nopeopleclub and we’re on Facebook! I’m so excited to share this with you. Enjoy!

I found an American, can I keep him?!



My favourite American

Today I handed in my keys and bought an American home with me. That’s right Rhys has come to stay for a few weeks and after lugging his stuff from Kingston Hill to Seething Wells for our lift back to Basingstoke. Rhys, as usual, was a charmer with my Mum and sister. I can’t wait to show him around but helping him settle in at Ali’s tonight was odd, it’s so strange to have another person at Ali’s but I’m hoping he will find it fun and have a great run up to Basingstoke Live!

Right now I’m cuddled up with stuff all around me in the box room, it feels good to be home.




I’ve been waiting for that certificate since I turned 19!!!! 

After 2 years of learning, 4 failed attempts, 2 idiot cyclists and a red car named Harry I’ve finally passed my driving test!! I’m ecstatic and it’s really changed my life! Ok so I haven’t been out in my car but I have so more opportunities now and I’m going to have more independence. I strangely calm this morning, I listened to music and talked on the phone a lot before getting in the car. There was a moment of melt down before where I just thought I couldn’t do it but I kept talking to myself, my techniques are working. It felt like I’d never pass and I did with only 4 minors as well and a perfect manoeuvre. I have 80 odd likes on Facebook which is crazy?!? I was nearly crying, my instructor was nearly crying it was just an incredible feeling. So what’s next? Getting home and back to my car and finally being able to go out on my own! I’m happy, happy, happy! 

Getting my groove back!



Not my best photo but it was in a dark pub! 

As corney as the title is I genuinely felt like I got my groove back tonight! I’ve been in a rotten mood all day after waking up late, my bus breaking down and feeling overly emotional. Being around people was the last thing I wanted to do this afternoon so I wasn’t all sweetness and light at band practice today. Although Ali being Ali decided it would be  good idea to give me a mic stand rather than to just giving me the mic and it worked. Although at first I wanted to stick it somewhere for him even suggesting it, I got into it and I started to sound better, although slightly deaf at the end of it. I knew we had an open mic night tonight and I was nervous, I think this also made my mood a little bit more crappy than it normally would be. I just felt stressed and nervous and still had yesterdays driving lesson on my mind.

The venue turned out to be very different to what we expected and after some discussion/ slight worry Ali and Rhys headed back on the bus to grab acoustic guitars instead and we just went ok lets give this a go even though we’ve never practised it before. That’s what being in a band is about right? I can honestly say being up in front of everyone and singing was the happiest I’ve been in weeks. Instead of feeling nervous I kinda just gave in to the music and felt like I was on cloud nine. The once noisy pub now had its eyes on us and was clapping and cheering for us, even the new songs. It was incredible and a total hit! IT might not have been the crowd we thought we’d be playing to but it was damn fun. Also Rhys surprised me with his INCREDIBLE backing vocals!

It’ safe to say we all left tonight in a seriously good mood and ready to kick ass with the EP. It’s put me in a good mood for recording tomorrow, even though I’m still pretty nervous. The thing is people really liked our sound, they liked us and I really loved people being so positive about our music. I’m insanely happy and ready to crawl into bed and get a good nights sleep before recording again tomorrow.

I’m in love with my new job!!

Tonight I attended training for me job as a Student Ambassador. I’ve never loved a job more or been able to make this much of a difference in peoples lives. It sounds silly but when I started looking at uni’s Kingston’s Student Ambassadors made all the difference to me, they were friendly, welcoming and took me seriously, even the worries I thought were stupid. 

It didn’t feel like I was being lectured or taught tonight it was very much being part of a bigger university wide team, which is what it is really. There are so many opportunities that I can have now. I’m already working on bridging the gap between disability and dyslexia and prospective students as well as hopefully running for disabilities officer next year. As well as that I’ll be working with the social media team and being paid to blog, PAID!

I feel on top of the world, going to uni has opened so many doors for me. The course, the potential award, my band, my friends, my life. Despite the fact that I might not sleep  for another week  or two, I’m happy. I have a lot to look forward to and that’s a great feeling. 

With all this said and how much I love my job, I’m not getting ahead of myself. I’m looking forward to the future but I’m trying to take each day for what it is, I know there’ll be ups and downs ahead but hopefully if I’m working and putting my experience to good use! 

Here’s to the new job!! 

My first First!

While a lot of people are taking their exams this month and still revising I have had an entirely different problem on my hands, trying to forget that I’m getting results back this month (and apparently next month too). For the Creative Writing and English Literature students out work was handed in mostly before Christmas and now we’re waiting to see if we passed. I checked my email this morning to find one from my seminar leader, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I have gotten 71%, a first!! If I’m honest with you I sat and had a little laugh to myself, it’s not secret that I don’t enjoy Creative Writing nearly as much as I do English. Needless to say I was in a pretty good mood today, even though it has brought on a few worries about how my English Literature assignment will come back! I celebrated tonight with some pizza with a few Creative Writing friends, Jess, Bekkie, Ollie and Rhys we even got a free book in our lecture this evening! So all in all it was a pretty good day.



My beautiful photography skills everyone! 


So there you have it, first year may not ‘count’ but getting a first in something (even if it’s  something your not keen on) is an amazing feeling, maybe getting one in first year makes it even better! I worked really that assignment and it seems to have paid off. It’s not because I didn’t go out, I did just not in the traditional way. I’m hoping I can keep this up, although I’m not 100% sure my other assignments will come back this good. The fact that it was something I didn’t enjoy makes it better, I feel like I’m definitely a writer if I can write like that when I’m a tad miserable! So I’m going goff to bed now smiling and with my fingers crossed that it all continues.