I’m in love with my new job!!

Tonight I attended training for me job as a Student Ambassador. I’ve never loved a job more or been able to make this much of a difference in peoples lives. It sounds silly but when I started looking at uni’s Kingston’s Student Ambassadors made all the difference to me, they were friendly, welcoming and took me seriously, even the worries I thought were stupid. 

It didn’t feel like I was being lectured or taught tonight it was very much being part of a bigger university wide team, which is what it is really. There are so many opportunities that I can have now. I’m already working on bridging the gap between disability and dyslexia and prospective students as well as hopefully running for disabilities officer next year. As well as that I’ll be working with the social media team and being paid to blog, PAID!

I feel on top of the world, going to uni has opened so many doors for me. The course, the potential award, my band, my friends, my life. Despite the fact that I might not sleep  for another week  or two, I’m happy. I have a lot to look forward to and that’s a great feeling. 

With all this said and how much I love my job, I’m not getting ahead of myself. I’m looking forward to the future but I’m trying to take each day for what it is, I know there’ll be ups and downs ahead but hopefully if I’m working and putting my experience to good use! 

Here’s to the new job!! 

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