Clothes sizes are BS

Clothes Sizes are BS.

Ok, girls and guys, we need to talk about clothes sizes.

I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve stood in a shop changing room hating my body. Firstly, hello to everyone who designs them can we change the lighting situation no one looks good in them. Secondly, I have body hang-ups, I have done since I was a young teenager even though I look at my 16-year-old self now and want to shout at her you fool, you look amazing! Wear whatever you like! There is just one more thing, in every shop the clothes sizes differ.

I like to try a variety of shops on the high street I have H&M, Next, New Look, Primark (so much Primark) and even a little Topshop in my wardrobe. Labels don’t mean that much to me when it comes to clothes because it’s so hard to find something that’s flattering. I digress. In my wardrobe, I have clothes that range from a size 8 – a size 14. That’s 4 different dress sizes that all fit me. Confused? Me too.

Now the whole idea of these dress sizes is to have a universal marker, but this is so rare. Sometimes it even stretches to the same shop. Once I tried a size 10 dress on in H&M, it fit. I then went on to try a pair of trousers on and I couldn’t even get a size 16 done up. Because that is logical.

So why am I rambling on about my clothes and changing rooms? The summer season is fast approaching, as is the bullshit of ‘beach body ready’. I have a body, if I put it on a beach it’s ready. There’s also a lot of stress in buying new clothes for the summer and the little number stitched into them.

I’m not claiming I don’t do this. I get panicky when I go up a dress size, even when I know that it’s ridiculous. The thing is I definitely think it’s something that is constantly forced down our throats that there should be a ‘perfect size’. That a number correlates to your worth and then after that they don’t match up anyway. What is this madness?!

This might be a little out there but it’s something that I wanted to get off my chest and see what you guys think. As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Mini Harry Potter Primark Haul!

Hello fellow Witches, Wizards and Muggles.

I recently popped up to London with my Mum and might have happened to fall into Primark Oxford Street. Which means I might have visited the Harry Potter section in all its glory. Although I’m actually glad my local doesn’t have as much stuff or I would probably be living on beans on toast. Anyway, I wanted to share with you my mini haul from the trip so let’s get started!


Socks and Earrings! 

I don’t think I own an adult pair of socks, they’re pretty much all character socks of some description. I’ve seen the Dobby socks for a while at my local Primark but the Honeydukes ones were nowhere to be seen. So now both sets are sitting nicely in my draw. #sorrynotsorry I also picked up these adorable earrings with little Potter symbols and they might well inspire a more permanent magical symbol…


Hogwarts Letter Purse 

Again, this is one that I’ve been searching for forever and it feels like such good quality. I think this was about £6.00 and I’m in love with it. But the front isn’t even the best part…


Look at it! I’m just so in love with it and I would have paid so much more for it. So in love.



I also picked up some new PJs with shorts rather than longer leggings. I hadn’t seen this design before it’s in a really lovely cream and dark red colour with Stars, the Sorting Hat, Keys, Broomsticks. They’re really comfy too.

Harry Potter Firebolt Funko Pop

Bonus – Harry Potter Funko

Ok so this wasn’t from Primark but it was from London and the first Funko I have bought in SO LONG. I have the majority of Potter Funkos but there’s still some I’m chasing. Anyway, this was an exclusive Harry with Firebolt and I love it.


So that’s my mini haul! What did you like? If you want to see my previous hauls you can click here for the most recent!

Feminist Fridays: Can Women Ever Really Win?


Today the French High Court ruled that the ‘burkini ban’ as it has been dubbed is illegal. After images of a woman being forced to undress on a beach in France made headlines around the world, it lead me to think about whether a woman can ever really win in terms of what they wear. So, when seeing this image I don’t think anyone else has quite summed it up in better way. It’s apparent that women from all backgrounds and walks of life a judged and/ or deemed unsuitable by someone.

Women are told that they should cover up, have respect for themselves, because they need to have pride, but not too much. You need to look attractive for work, but not too attractive because otherwise you won’t be taken seriously. If you don’t put on make-up or style your hair you’re lazy and don’t want to make an effort. And hair on your body? Do you have no pride? As for breasts, don’t even think about feeding your child in public, get to the toilet it’s too vulgar, but if you want to show them online or in a magazine you’re more than welcome. As long as you’re thin enough that is. You want to cover up? Why would you want to do that are you fridged? Of course you are with a skirt length like that. Covering your face and your hair for a religion? You must be oppressed, stand up to them. You want to cover up on a beach? We can’t allow that, it’s illegal here.

There are so many contradictions and expectations upon women, of course there are also issues for men in terms of what is expected of them, that I’m not denying. The Burkini ban, however, shows the extent of the ridiculousness that we have found ourselves in. The swimming costume was not offensive and didn’t do any harm, instead it allowed a woman to feel comfortable while enjoying time with her family. Feminism, after all, is about women having the right to choose what they do with their bodies. It’s not different to someone wearing a swimming cap and wetsuit. There is so many more problems that police and law makers should be focusing on, instead of alienating women simply for what they chose to wear.


A HUGE thank you to @LaSauvageJaune for letting me use this image.


Stressed, Depressed, but well dressed?


When I was in Brighton a few weeks ago I saw a jumper with the slogan ‘Stressed, Depressed but well dressed’ across the front. I’ve seen these shirts before and they’ve become popular, before this it was the slogan ‘more issues than Vogue’. I’ve always felt conflicted with these shirts. For me, someone who does have issues and does get severely stressed and depressed because of my illness, it can be funny to wear these shirts, it’s me laughing at myself. With that in mind though, there is a bigger issue.

There’s been a lot of talk about making mental illness fashionable and there’s definitely been a surge of people claiming they’re ‘super anxious’ or ‘feel really depressed’ or that someone is ‘so OCD’ because they like things clean. These are things I can’t stand because these illnesses are so complex and damn hard to live with. A few years back there was controversy when two t-shirt were released by Urban Outfitters.

Now, I’m all for raising awareness and the ‘stressed but well dressed’ shirt isn’t outright offensive like the Urban Outfitters ones, but it is problematic. For people who have little information and are the type to throw around these words around and claim illnesses that can, if we’re being frank, kill people. People do die of these illnesses.

So do I think I’m going to buy one of these shirts? Probably not. While I can laugh at myself and say yes this is so me on some of my bad days, it’s not usually the reality. I can tell you that when you’re super stressed you don’t want to get dressed, particularly well dressed. Right now I am really sick with stress, so much so it landed me in hospital. Everything is an effort, getting out of bed, putting on clothes and as for makeup? You can forget it, unless I really have to I can’t be bothered. I think designers have to be mindful of what it’s really like for real people. You wouldn’t make a shirt about cancer because people know just how horrible it can be and how ill people get, and mental illness should be treated the same.

Harry Potter Haul – Primark have done it again

2015-07-19 18.41.30

Primark, I have a bone to pick with you. Why, why must you have everything to do with Harry Potter and make it affordable. 

Now you all know I’d rather spend £100 on books than clothes, well most of the time anyway. You can wear a jacket for 100 days, but a book can be loved for more than 100 years…that got a little deeper than I intended. Anyway, back to the point. I’m no fashionista. I could never do a ‘today’s outfit’ Instagram post, because there would be a lot of pictures of the same 4 pairs of jeans, just with a different t-shirt or vest top. Don’t get me wrong in my head I can strut down the street pretending that I’m Kim Kardashian, but I’m obviously not.

This weekend I planned to buy maybe one or two things in Primark. Hah. Nice try, there is a reason I completely avoid going into the shop because I know that I’ll see something, it’ll be cheap and I’ll end up taking it home with my poor card weeping in the corner. My constant obsession is nearly anything with Harry Potter on, especially the PJs. I think I have about five pairs now… I ended up buying the following:

– Marauders Map print lounge bottoms £7.00

– Grey Hogwarts Logo top £7.00

– Long sleeved Hogwarts Logo PJ Top £7.00 

– Grey ‘H. Potter’ lounge bottoms £7.00

– Gryffindor Quidditch team knickers  £2.50

– Hogwarts phone case £3 

Oh and last week my Mum bought me the AMAZING Harry Potter raincoat in the Primark sale….I have no regrets.


I’d love to hear about any other potterheads out there. I’m a huge fan I have boxes and boxes of collectables, clothes, cups, 3 sets of the books (hardback, paperback and new covers, duh), stuff from the studio tour, stuff from the theme park in America and even my car is called Harry…it might have become a little bit of an obsession. So let me know about you guys!

Dressing up


I’m writing this in the 15 minutes or so that I have before Laura and Amy arrive to pick up me and my wheels for tonight’s society night out. It’s the Volunteering and Society awards, yaaaaay! The Riding society is up for best new society and best president (go Laura!).

No was with many of these types of occasions there is a theme to adhere to, this year was a mix between carnival and Gatsby. It meant I had to find something to where which didn’t make me feel hideously underdressed but still fancy enough while being comfortable in my wheelchair. I’ve had an outfit change already due to to outfit I wanted to wear not looking as good sitting down as standing up.

I don’t know what it is about dressing up to go out but it leaves me in a cold sweat. I’m not entirely comfortable in short dresses/ skirts for a night out and as fo heels? I love wearing them but I’m not great at walking in them. There was a time when I was younger that dressing up was my favourite thing ever, I loved discos and parties and would try ANYTHING in terms of fashion. Now I seem to have developed a uniform at uni of jeans and a nice jumper or t-shirt to uni, with my parka on top and either converses or Doc Martin’s on my feet. In the summer jeans get changed to shorts and tops to vest tops, with some floaty dresses thrown in one or twice a week.

I don’t know what it is there is just this horrible panicking fear when I dress up and wanting to measure up to other girls around me. Now I know 90% of girls do this, they look around the room and try and see if they look ‘good enough’. I try not to do this but I’m human like all of you. Once I’m there and relaxed I mostly calm down but the thought of dressing up and going to a big room full of people I don’t know, especially when I’m in a wheelchair, makes me go incredibly shy, which I NEVER AM!

It’s the huge internal monologue of Ok, who do I know here, do I know anyone here? No? Ok right talk to people, come on talk. Right ok now you’re talking to someone don’t say anything stupid. Did I hear someone laughing, shit is my dress up at the back? How do I subtly find out without making it look like I’ve got a major wedgie? Oh god what are they talking about now? Just smile and nod, smile and nod. 

Usually I get away with it and people are nice and I catch up with what’s going on. So there you have it, I’m off out, nervous and anxious as hell for no apparent reason, which is odd because if I was doing a mental health speech I’d be fine, but this and feeling out of my depth, not so much. That’s me off so hopefully I’ll have a good night and something interesting to tweet about later!

January payday/meday

blog 4

Hello you lovely lot!

It may not seem obvious to you guys but I’ve had a lovely hair cut and I’m feeling better. I have been struggling a little and just feeling a little out of place, slightly but not too much luckily. So today I was feeling a bit off and irritated after seeing a poorly Eleanor (feel better soon El!) I trecked into town to have a browse…that became an expensive browse.

blog 2

I ended up getting myself a new jumper from River Island (£25.00), Elle magazine because well who doesn’t love Kiera Knightly, Humans of New York book (which I was BEYOND excited to find), some more books…which Ali doesn’t know about so shush! Basically it was pay day and I felt like I deserved the treat because I have been working hard and even if my attendance at uni has slipped I’m still trying and that’s the main thing.

So what else? Sometimes I worry about what I put on this blog, I wonder whether I should do more themed days or write what I feel or plan? I’m really not sure because I do want this to be a good blog and as ever if you have any ideas/things you like please,please,please! Tell me in the comments or tweet me, even email, I love hearing from you guys.
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January book haul…Oops 

I’ve also realised it’s nearly February, feels like it’s only just been christmas but whatever. So I have a lot going on, band wise it’s pretty quiet but other parts of my life not so much. I have assignments to hand in, birthdays to prepare for, reading week, lots of work, kerrang tour! It’s going to be an exciting month and hopefully a good one.

I realise I haven’t spoke too much about how I am right now and some of you are kind enough to ask. I’m doing okay, better than I was before christmas but still a little…unsure? I’m getting there though and the band is busier than ever, I’m on top of assignments so hopefully I’ll start to feel a little bit more relaxed and happier.

As always thank you SO, SO much for stopping by to read this 🙂