Livin' The Vida Lockdown: Day Eleven - 30 Things I've Done So Far To Entertain Myself

Livin’ The Vida Lockdown: Day Eleven – 30 Things I’ve Done So Far To Entertain Myself

Last night while I was trying to fall asleep I started thinking about all the ways that I had been trying to entertain myself since we went into lockdown. Seeing as I’m writing daily posts right now, I thought why not share it with you guys?

Some of these might be specific to me and some of them you can do too.

  1. Reading – Yep I’m trying to tackle my physical TBR right now, I even have a TBR for the month of April.

2. Playing Ukulele – I’ve played around with ukulele for years and it was fun to have something else to focus on.

3. Watching the first season of The Boys on Amazon Prime – Ali got me to watch this series and it’s pretty messed up at times but so good. That said I’ve had some super weird dreams since.

4. Doing a puzzle – 1,000 piece Harry Potter puzzle…it’s harder than you think.

5. Calls with friends and family – I’ve done a lot of Facetime, House Party and just normal calls recently and it’s one of the nicer sides of lockdown.

6. Blogging – almost every day – yep and to think I struggled with Blogmas last year?!

7. Attending a virtual birthday party – Our friend Ben turned 27 and obviously we couldn’t go and celebrate with him so we all got online, had a few drinks and played games.

8. Starting a sign language course – I’ve wanted to properly learn sign language and with a reduced offer I was able to start learning properly.

9. Working on a book – watch this space, my Gramps has set me the goal of finishing it by Christmas. 👀

10. Listening to podcasts – I’ve been listening a little here and there, particularly while doing number 11…

11. Sorting out my wardrobe – I have a lot of clothes to get rid of, so many.

12. Cleaning – I know, I know – who even am I?

13. Watching YouTube – There is so much content on YouTube right now! I’ve been watching so much.

14. Singing – I’ve been getting back into it and damn it’s felt good.

15. Solo dance party – honestly a lot of fun and a great way to cheer myself up.

16. Making a pillow bed – need to be comfy while watching all that TV, right?

17. Cooking – not well I may add, it’s still not my thing but I have done more of it.

18. Waxing my eyebrows – relax guys I’ve been doing this for years but I definitely felt much more human after they were a little more tamed.

19. Online therapy – My therapy sessions moved online and I’m really grateful, we’ve had technical difficulties but they are helping.

20. Movie nights – I watched 2 films on Ice Hockey back to back – for context Ali used to play…I never got to see it.

21. Writing lists – I bet this one really surprised you, huh?

22. Drinking Gin – duh.

23. Lots of hamster hugs – there are mixed reactions from the hams about me being at home more than usual.

24. Long Baths – Quickly running out of Lush products…

25. Making Playlists – I made a positivity playlist and sent it to my family on Apple Music, it was pretty fun.

26. Building Lego – If I had the money I would have ordered the Hogwarts castle the night we went into lockdown.

27. Order a takeaway – Pizza is a life saver right now.

28. Listening to audiobooks – So I found Scribd and I absolutely love it AND I got 30 days free? Awesome.

29. Walks – I was only able to start doing this today because I was so anxious but I’m hoping I’ll be doing more.

30. Quality time with Ali – I’ve actually really enjoyed the time we’ve been able to spend just being together. Which is good because the alternative was killing each other.

What have you been doing to entertain yourself in lockdown? Let me know below!

One thought on “Livin’ The Vida Lockdown: Day Eleven – 30 Things I’ve Done So Far To Entertain Myself

  1. writtenbysjsmith says:

    I’ve been doing similar things to do. I’ve taken this time to read more, learn German which is proving to be a little bit of a success and I’ve started blogging again – hallelujah 😊

    I also have a ukulele which I’ve never played haha!


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