My Love For Lucy and Yak

My Love For Lucy & Yak!

Chances are you’ve seen the rise of Luck & Yak, even if you didn’t recognise it. There is a dungaree revolution happening and I am all here for it! The best part about it? They are an ethical fashion brand. Win!

Here’s what their website says about their values:

– To create fabulous, high quality clothes and products that we love

– To be fair with everyone that has an input in the making of Lucy & Yak clothing

– To give every customer the most awesome buying experience every time

– To always be working towards a positive environmental impact

– To ultimately give back more than we take out

Finding clothes are are comfortable and look good on someone who is 5’2 with a big butt and boobs is not easy. A lot of high street stores seem to have a certain type of woman in mind. Why not just try petite? I hear you ask. That is a whole other situation, a note to high street designers – short does not equal the body of a child.

Anyway, I digress. I was nervous about ordering from Lucy and Yak’s website but I thought well it seems that there’s a lot of different bodies enjoying them online, might as well give them a go.

Inspired by my friend Emmi and Hannah Witton’s YouTube channel I took the plunge with a pair of black originals that were on sale. That was the first pair and I was amazed at how comfy they were and I looked…good. I felt cute in them. Then I got myself a blue pair, then I found a pink pair on eBay for a good price…oops.

My most recent buy though, which I didn’t intend to buy but I don’t think I’ve ever felt as attractive when I’ve put something on in a changing room, was my Juni. I’m already planning to buy them in each colour they release and I’m GUTTED I missed the khaki. Again when style is comfy I’ll buy as many as possible.

Also, the fellow Lucy and Yak lovers I’ve met are all so lovely. I’m part of a Facebook group that’s wonderful for advice as well as uplifting when you post your outfit of the day – I love reading through people’s posts. Also, when I was in the shop which is SO welcoming to people from all walks of life I was chatting in the changing rooms and just wanted to stay forever.

The fact they are ethical and fair means I’m happy to pay slightly more for them, as well as looking damn fine! It’s worth pointing out that this post isn’t sponsored, but I wanted to share with you something that has filled me with joy and given me self confidence in a body that I’m not always comfortable with.

Do I have any fellow Yakkers reading? Let me know your favourite below!

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