My Love For Lucy and Yak

My Love For Lucy & Yak!

Chances are you’ve seen the rise of Luck & Yak, even if you didn’t recognise it. There is a dungaree revolution happening and I am all here for it! The best part about it? They are an ethical fashion brand. Win!

Here’s what their website says about their values:

– To create fabulous, high quality clothes and products that we love

– To be fair with everyone that has an input in the making of Lucy & Yak clothing

– To give every customer the most awesome buying experience every time

– To always be working towards a positive environmental impact

– To ultimately give back more than we take out

Finding clothes are are comfortable and look good on someone who is 5’2 with a big butt and boobs is not easy. A lot of high street stores seem to have a certain type of woman in mind. Why not just try petite? I hear you ask. That is a whole other situation, a note to high street designers – short does not equal the body of a child.

Anyway, I digress. I was nervous about ordering from Lucy and Yak’s website but I thought well it seems that there’s a lot of different bodies enjoying them online, might as well give them a go.

Inspired by my friend Emmi and Hannah Witton’s YouTube channel I took the plunge with a pair of black originals that were on sale. That was the first pair and I was amazed at how comfy they were and I looked…good. I felt cute in them. Then I got myself a blue pair, then I found a pink pair on eBay for a good price…oops.

My most recent buy though, which I didn’t intend to buy but I don’t think I’ve ever felt as attractive when I’ve put something on in a changing room, was my Juni. I’m already planning to buy them in each colour they release and I’m GUTTED I missed the khaki. Again when style is comfy I’ll buy as many as possible.

Also, the fellow Lucy and Yak lovers I’ve met are all so lovely. I’m part of a Facebook group that’s wonderful for advice as well as uplifting when you post your outfit of the day – I love reading through people’s posts. Also, when I was in the shop which is SO welcoming to people from all walks of life I was chatting in the changing rooms and just wanted to stay forever.

The fact they are ethical and fair means I’m happy to pay slightly more for them, as well as looking damn fine! It’s worth pointing out that this post isn’t sponsored, but I wanted to share with you something that has filled me with joy and given me self confidence in a body that I’m not always comfortable with.

Do I have any fellow Yakkers reading? Let me know your favourite below!

August Favourites!

Let’s jump right in and see what I’ve been loving in August!



This month it’s been quite a slow reading month I just really couldn’t get into it. The silver lining though is that I’ve loved the books I have read. I finally got my copy of Our Super American Adventure by Sarah Graley which is absolutely awesome, I’ve met Sarah before and love her artwork and stories about her relationship. I also finished what I think is going to be one of my top books this year, My Shitty Twenties by Emily Morris, an honest account of being a single mother in your twenties and still being badass, you can read my review here. I also kept seeing the Andrew Morton book Diana Her True Story and decided to download it on Audible it’s a tough book and I did think it was interesting but incredibly sad on the 20th anniversary of the princess’s death. And finally Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is just amazing, meant for children but should be read by EVERYONE! My gushing review is here.




Is there anything else to talk about this month? Of course, there’s not. Game of Thrones is over for another season and this one was everything I hoped it would be. I’m not going to post spoilers, because that just not cool. All I’ll say is the following for people who have watched the finale, they deserved that and oh lordy what a beautiful sight. Now I have to wait for the next season…my Dad has already tagged me in a countdown timer.


  img_5819img_5818   img_5817


Fashion and Beauty

I did a whooooole post about my little haul this month over here. So head over for all the info you need to know!


Brighton Pride

I went to my first ever Pride and I can honestly say it was the best party I’ve ever been to. It was fun and flamboyant and there was glitter everywhere! I got to sit in a giant deck chair, dance in an 80s disco and I ended up sponsoring a dog…yep (wine may have been involved). I wrote a whole post about 7 reasons you should go next year!


This month started off on a good note with a trip to Pizza Express with my ‘spec squad’, that’s me, Abbie and Sarah to celebrate our new little group. It’s been a month of spending time with people I love. Ali went to Brighton and Scotland this month for work, and bought me home Charlie the Highland Cow from the latter, he’s adorable (the cow I mean, although Ali’s ok I suppose). It’s also had milestones with my little sister getting into college! I also went to see 80s super popstars Bros at the O2 in London, which was actually a brilliant laugh with my Mum, sister and mum’s best friend. I also may have gotten a new cauldron mug from the new Primark collection…maybe. And last but not least I’ve been spending as much time as possible with Ali, including on our 9 year anniversary, before he heads off on tour tomorrow!!


My favourite posts 

Feminist Friday with …. Jess Willby 

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What have your favourites been this month? Let me know in the comments below!

Sunday Seven: Reasons to go to Brighton Pride!

This weekend I went to my first Pride Festival ever! Abbie and I trekked down to Brighton (in the middle of all the Waterloo closures, not fun) to celebrate love for everyone and to visit Ali while he was working the festival. So, why should you attend Pride? Here are 7 reasons…


1.This oversized deck chair

Yes, yes I am putting this as a reason. I’m also grateful no one managed to get a picture of me and my tiny legs trying to get out of said deck chair.


2. The People 

Everyone is happy at Pride and just lovely. Here are two amazing guys we met watching the parade, they also had pink sparkly batons. We shared glitter, spoke to random people, took pictures of groups. It was just a great friendly atmosphere.


3. You can dance to great, cheesy music

Here I am dancing in the 1985 tent. Yep, there was a 1985 tent. The whole festival was full of incredible music but my heart was definitely with anything cheesy, I wasn’t disappointed. Even if I didn’t know that many of the tunes playing when I was in the tent.



4. The Parade

Everyone in Brighton gets involved in the Parade. I’ve never seen anything like it, as well as a variety of communities, there were huge brands, all the emergency services. Everyone covered in glitter and stars and rainbows. The floats are huge and absolutely amazing, they also literally stop the whole city centre.


5. Glitter and bright colours everywhere.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen more glitter in my life than at Pride. Above is how I started my day, pink and blue eyeshadow and multicoloured stars. I thought I was prepared. It was so glittery that even the floor on the street was covered in glitter, all the toilets, everything. All. The. Glitter.


6. To have a great day with your friends 

Abbie and I got to have a great time being silly, drinking wine and just having a damn good time at the best party we’ve ever been to.



7. To celebrate love and remember those who can’t 

This is the whole reason for Pride. We’re celebrating all kinds of love. We’re also remembering those who have died for their love, those who cannot be open in love and more.


A big thank you to my best friend Abbie for taking a lot of these photos while we were trying to say phone battery ❤

Beautiful Brighton Conference and Chloe Break 

Yesterday I was invited down to the beautiful Brighton by The Student Room to be the only student representative in the country to speak at an international conference for Social Media in Higher Education at CASE. 

Although I could have stayed the night before too, I decided to brave rush hour because I’d only just come back from being in Basingstoke and, you know, I do kind of like Ali ;). So I arrived for 9am slightly asleep but soon chatting to other people including the other people who were on my panel. For those of you who signed the ‘Save BBC 3 campaign’ Jono started and led that campaign, I was a little awestruck when I met him. 

The conference itself was good but also at times hard to understand because it was specific to some things I haven’t come across in my role yet. I tried to learn as much as I could, make contacts and generally enjoy the day. I didn’t realise what a big deal our panel was until we started it. We had a lot of people approach us through the day about our work on the student room. 

It was weird, I didn’t feel very nervous about what I was actually speaking about, instead, I felt like this was something I was confident to speak about and that took away some of the nerves. Well that and I already knew it was a nice crowd who wanted to help, that’s always a bonus. It was really well received thankfully and some lovely tweets went out after we spoke, including from one of my bosses who was also attending. 

Before I came back to the hosting hotel for dinner, I was able to check into my own hotel – MyHotel Brighton for the night. I was shocked to find myself in a huge double room, very chic and with one of the comfiest beds I’ve ever slept in. I was a little excited… 

Dinner was a chance to talk to people again, although everyone else was staying for the full two days, whereas mine was just for the day of my slot. There was some really quite hilarious chat on my table, including educating an American on British comedy he should watch. 

Jono and I both had early starts the next day and so were one of the first to leave. We were both surprised to receive chocolates and a card to say thank you from CASE for our work and taking the time to speak. The whole day gave me a lot of confidence in my own abilities to become a Marketing and Social Media Coordinator as a job when I leave uni. 

This morning, before I had to get a train back to London, I enjoyed my breakfast before taking a stroll around Brighton, the North Laines, The Brighton Pavillion and along the beach, taking in some Spring sun. 

On a personal note I’m proud of beating my anxiety over the head. I was so worried and nervous about going to the conference that I only had 4 hours sleep the night before. It was also the first time I’d gone away and stayed alone, but it was nice to have some time for myself in the hotel. 

Now I’m sat at the O2 with my Mum, sister and cousin waiting to see The Vamps with them (don’t judge me, free concert ticket and time with the girls). I’m absolutely shattered but at the same time really proud of kicking my anxieties butt and achieving something. Although, I am looking forward to getting into bed tonight without setting an alarm. 

No People Club are awesome.

No People Club Stoke LiveI’m good at shamelessly plugging my band. Really good at it and I think that’s because I’m so proud of it. We’ve got a good sound, good reception at gigs and we’re going to be playing so many shows soon that I just have to share them all with you. We didn’t win battle of the bands today but we’re still pretty awesome. So come and see us, like us on Facebook and Twitter and stuff. This band really is my baby.

Hannafords Bar – 27th Feb

229, London – 7th March

The Sanctuary, Basingstoke – 14th March

The Green Door Store, Brighton – 25th March

The Fighting Cocks, Kingston – 26th March

RMA Tavern, Southsea (Portsmouth) – 9th April

Sticky Mike’s, Brighton – 28th May

The Star , Guilford – 19th June

More To be announced…

Come and see us!