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April Favourites!

My April favourites are late! I know, I know, I know! Things have been a little mad and on the go but it’s finally time for me to share what I was loving in April!


IMG_8522 (1).JPG

All the Chocolate 

I’m not religious but I love Easter. My family goes a little mad during any holiday and I finally won the egg hunt…I never win. Sadly it is now all gone and it went pretty fast. The Lindor one was absolutely amazing.


It was such a good month in terms of reading, I managed 8 books. My highlights were starting Saga (incredible), following up with Amanda Lovelace’s second poetry collection. I also got political with Red Clocks and Everywoman. You can read all about what I read this month here.


London Book Fair!

I went to the London Book Fair for the first time! Interested? I wrote a whole post about it.


Umm that huge yellow thing in the sky appeared. I’m so excited that the sun is shining so I made the most of it with a trip to London to see my friend Joe. I also had a cocktail date with Abbie and there might have been a few Ice Creams…


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You need to go and watch Infinity War, right now. I’m still broken. Here are my non-spoiler thoughts.


There were some lovely bits and pieces this month too! I picked up a few Harry Potter bits in London and I also had the BEST Unicorn cupcake from Selfridges. I actually ended up in London 3 times in April, another occasion was taking my sister and cousin to see The Vamps with my Mum where I also picked up an adorable Harley Quinn. Oh and that little Micheal Kors bag from my grandparents!

Blog Posts 

Talking about Death

Dealing with Anxiety Attacks

Carrying On

I’m in a Funk 


What have your favourites been? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “April Favourites!

  1. foundationsandfairytales says:

    Wow that is a lot of Easter chocolate! I absolutely adore Lindor chocolates they’re so tasty! You did well reading that many books last month I wanted to aim for 4 a month but I’m struggling to do 2 at the minute. Love that you got a picture with that Jacqueline Wilson book she was my favourite author when I was growing up! Infinity War was a really good film but the ending left me a bit disappointed if I’m honest! Loved reading your favourites for the month, hope you enjoyed seeing The Vamps I used to love them!

    Jess //


    • chloemetzger says:

      Thanks Jess, it was tasty! Thank you I’m a little slow this month, oops! Aha I loved her too! I know Infinity War was so good! Thank you so much for reading 🙂


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