Dealing With Anxiety Attacks

Dealing with Anxiety Attacks

You know the drill, your heart is pounding, thoughts racing and breathing suddenly becomes a little harder. It could have been the tiniest thing, something that most people wouldn’t even register but you have and your brain is in overdrive. A good old Anxiety Attack.

I’ve been living with these beauties since I was around 15 years old, I think. I’ve always been a worrier but Anxiety is a whole different thing. I’ve had an anxiety attack in the supermarket. Why? No idea. Just found myself feeling like I was going to pass out while in the pastry bit. And I love pastry.

So, how do you actually deal with them? Because that’s what has to be done. I can’t go and crawl into bed and let it pass, that would be great but it’s not what real life is. I’m a big fan of using your senses, you might have heard of this method before. When I feel like I’m falling into an attack I try to do the following

What can I see?  Focus on that and only that for a few seconds.

What can I touch? Think about it, what’s the texture, what is it?

What can I hear? Zone in on a particular sound or the silence if there is some and hold on to it.

What can I smell? Take a deep breath, can I smell anything? What is it? Where does it come from?

The only one that isn’t on here is taste…because it doesn’t really work.


That’s one method I use if I’m in a better place I’ll also talk to myself in my head, it’s like I have two sides to my brain. There’s a calm and collected side and the anxious side, sometimes the calm side wins, sometimes the anxious one does, they both put up a fight. Basically, I try to talk myself into being logical because anxiety makes your heart feel like there’s a lion in front of you when there’s not. I ask myself questions and try to think through things carefully.

So, these are some of my ways of dealing with Anxiety. They might not be perfect and I know that I’m not a professional but this is just how I’ve been dealing with them. Is there anything you would add? I’m always up for learning more! Let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Dealing with Anxiety Attacks

  1. Kristina says:

    yes !! my therapist told me of that method, however, in the perks of things, it’s not what Im using ..

    I also feel that .. there’s one side who panic/depress.. and then the other side rationalize stuff and say comfort words. I give that voice the persona of my aunt, as I know she’s here beside me even if never got to know her.

    instead, I love to zone out to some music and/or sit outside. take long breathes; inspire by nose, expire by mouth and repeat while rocking my body back & forth. Most time having my arms flapped criss-crossed on my chest. somehow that’s what I do on automatic now, and even mom knows it by now xD when I start breathing like that or rocking she instantly asks me what’s wrong.


  2. Xojohnnielynn says:

    I’ve never tried that method. Mine started when I was around 11 but I’d never known what was wrong. My mom would sit me by the window while calmed down. Then as I got older and they became more frequent and with out a trigger we had found a kitten and kept her, she would lay on my chest and I’d matched my breathing to her, and the panic attacks eased up a lot faster. So now I just focus on slowing my breathing and my heart and hope for the best.

    I’m definitely going to have to try and remember your method as it sounds way faster.



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