Snowmageddon 2018!

Snowmageddon 2018

If you live in the UK you may have noticed that there’s been a slight disruption in the last few days and by that I mean everyone’s royally screwed. Yep the snow has hit and I have not seen snow like this in my life and that is no exaggeration. It’s been pretty weird.

So I’ve spent the past two days stuck in my flat unable to use my car or get to work. Yesterday a friend who lives in the same town as me  works in the same office was stuck in her car trying to do our 40-minute journey for just under 6 hours. So I’ve spent two days working, watching snow, going on small walks to our local park and supermarket and throwing food out for the birds that come to my garden.

Our town has pretty much come to a standstill, if you manage to get about 20 minutes up the M3 it’s like a different world, I’ve been told. Going out on the roads though is horrible, I’ve watched cars just spin all over the place, almost crash and of course, there have been some horrendous accidents, including a death nearby.

I think, no matter how beautiful, this kind of weather can be quite isolating for a lot of people. Winter (even though we’re supposed to nearly be done with it) is a tough season for mental health and add in isolation because you can’t get anywhere that’s also difficult. There are some wonderful chats going on on Twitter so if you are feeling a little lonely, they may help or call a friend, a family member.

On that note seeing as I’m stuck I plan on spending some quality time with Ali and doing A LOT of reading. I have a ridiculous amount of books that are on my TBR pile so that’s going to be my weekend I think!

How’re you finding the snow and what are you doing? Let me know in the comments!

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