Blogmas Day 14: Book Review – Christmas Poems by Wendy Cope


If you’re looking for something that’s short, funny and light then this collection is perfect for you. I was first drawn to this on a Christmas display in my local Waterstones, I’d never heard of Wendy Cope and this year I’ve been on a big poetry kick, wanting to grow my collection. My Mum was lovely enough to buy this for me as a gift, I didn’t know at the time that I was going to find one of my favourite poets.

It’s hard to write humour and even harder to write it into poetry. Wendy Cope has managed to make me laugh out loud so many times while reading which was a complete delight. This isn’t a typical collection of snow, angels and the like, Cope has a brilliant wit and sense of realism as to what Christmas is like for most of us.

If you want something seasonal but not too long I would 100% recommend picking up Cope’s collection. It’s absolutely wonderful without being cheesy.

What is your favourite seasonal read? Let me know in the comments below!

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