Winter is here…


The time has come and Winter is here! Tomorrow the eagerly anticipated 7th season on Game of Thrones starts and I could not be more excited, even though I only started watching this year. I know, I know! I’m so late to the party! I only started watching early in the year and watched about 2 seasons a month for 3 months…Oops.

There’s something about Game of Thrones, although I have tried to read the book and found it a little challenging just because it is so long and so dense. That said I want to give it a go again because it’s an incredible world to have fallen in love with and it’s so rich in imagination. Just like my love for Harry Potter and Star Wars, Game of Thrones has become an addiction. I want to know as much information as possible about the character, I think about it so much before the next installment it drives me insane.

My predicted deaths for this season are; Cersei Lannister – at the hands of one of her brothers, Little Finger – although I think this is more wishful thinking on my part and many others and finally I have a horrible feeling that Gilly isn’t going to make it but I’m really, really hoping that I’m wrong on this one.

What are your predictions for this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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