7 Ways to take care of your mental health in difficult times

There’s no doubt that we’re living through difficult times at the moment. We’ve seen 3 terror attacks in the UK within a few months and with every single one, the country feels a terrible sadness at the loss of life because of hate. While everyone feels the sadness, sometimes when you’re living with a mental illness difficult times can impact you in a negative way. So here are 7 ways to take care of your mental health in times like these.

Note: I am in no way neglecting that the people who are caught up in these attacks have the worst situation. This is not trying to overshadow them, rather to help others in times of what can feel like crushing helplessness. I’m sending all my love and thoughts to those caught up in the attacks of the last few months.

It’s ok to switch off for a while 

I read something that really resonated with me today ‘watching 24-hour news isn’t going to help anyone’. I so guilty of this. I get so absorbed and just have the news on repeat but it doesn’t help, it adds to the sadness and frustration. It’s also ok to come offline for a bit because it is constant and sad. That doesn’t mean you don’t care and it doesn’t mean you have no feelings but you need to take care of yourself too.

Know that feelings of hopelessness, anger and sadness are normal 

This isn’t necessarily your mental illness, a lot of people are upset and angry, this is normal! Although as we all know it can trigger deeper feelings too.

Talk to others 

Talking to others about events and how you feel can really help, knowing that others feel the same way too.

Look for positivity

It’s easy to look around and see all of the horrible things happening but try and look at the positives around you. Look for the helpers, look for the positivity.

If you feel you can help, then do 

You can donate, write or do whatever you can to help!

Remember that terrorist attacks ARE unlikely

We’ve had a lot recently but these are not something that happen every single day, it’s awful and horrific but these people want us to live in fear.

Know that it’s ok to still live your life 

That said if you feel the need to carry on and do what you would normally do then go ahead! Everyone deals with these situations in their own way.


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