Calling all Feminists!

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with some other women my age about feminism. They didn’t call themselves Feminists and asked me what I write about and what a feminist is. I was honest and said that overall it’s about equality but for each person, feminism means something different. Which got me thinking…

All around the world, there are feminists of every race and background. I’ve been writing my Feminist Friday posts for a few months now but I’m a cis, white, university educated female. There’s nothing wrong with that but I want to share with my reader’s other people’s feminism, why they are a feminist and what it means to them. I want to include everyone, which is a big part of MY feminism.

So, this is where you come in. I want to share your stories, I want to talk about you all and really explore what Feminism is to you.

If you’re interested please email or drop me a tweet on @chloemetzger, I really can’t wait to hear from you all!



2 thoughts on “Calling all Feminists!

  1. AvalinahsBooks says:

    I also often wonder what it is to me. I feel like a lot of “feminists” are ready to shoot down their own fellow women if they are not radical enough. Cause they imagine feminism is about… basically, dropping your womanhood and becoming a man. Making the new woman be bigger than the current man, by being more man than they are?? Heh. Which is why I often feel like I don’t really believe in it because what kind of feminist are you if you will look down on a woman who chooses to raise her kids and not work, because she wants to give them a good childhood? Aside from that, there are also those very loud feminists who just like to scream about things and shove blame on every man whatsoever. I feel like they discredit the movement a lot. Which is why I almost never talk about feminism, cause I feel like I’ll be shot down anyway. Weird, huh?

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