I didn’t quite know if I had the strength to write this post. It’s been a horrible week that finally hit rock bottom this morning. Hamski passed away in our hands this morning. Our beautiful girl will now join her sister. It was heartbreaking to watch her take her final breaths with both Ali and I this morning.

I know some won’t understand but this little ball of fluff and love has gotten me through a lot. When I broke my back, she and her sister got me through it. Whenever I was upset she would lick my face if I cried. My little explorer also loved my dressing gown, running and finding places to hide.

This is only a short post because I am heartbroken and just desperately upset that our girl is gone. We buried her in a special place and I hope more than anything, if there is any kind of afterlife she’s with her sister. I’ve run through so many things in my mind, what if I’d done this? What if I’d got up earlier? Should I have got her checked out yesterday when she wanted extra cuddles? I know most pet owners would torture themselves in the same way. For me, my hamsters were my babies, I feel a little lost.

I loved you so much Hamski, we’ll never forget you, be at peace.

Hamski Miller 2015-2017

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