Update- Spinal Recovery Post Injection


Hello, hello, hello all!

I wanted to give a quick update on how things are going after the injections. I went into hospital yesterday and after waiting for what felt like an age for my turn in the operating room. I was petrified but sat with a lovely group of ladies, all older than me, to keep my mind off of what was about to happen. When I was called through I did start to feel a panic in my chest but wouldn’t cry. I just didn’t want to cry. I laid down on the table while an oxygen mask was placed on my face with a tube too and a IV placed in my hand. I did have to hold it back when they pressed on my spine to find the ‘points of pain’, I’m pretty sure I made noises that weren’t human. Then my vision started to blur and I was out.

I woke up, babbled to the lovely nurse and as soon as I was deemed ok with my blood pressure moved a little further down to recovery. I was out of it, anaesthetic is powerful stuff! I was given tea and biscuits, but unfortunately quite sick, meaning I had to stay a little longer while I had anti sickness meds and an eye kept on me. I was also in a lot of pain, without any pain relief after 10 (!!!) injections into my spine. Eventually, Ali and my Mum were allowed to take me home and I could finally eat and drink 12 hours later.

I’ve had to be monitored for 24 hours, meaning after sleeping in my own bed I was dropped at my Mums when Ali went to work and have spent the day here, trying to take my mind off of the pain. Eventually it got too much and I had to call the doctor due to increased numbness in my leg and extreme pain, which has left me back on the stronger painkillers and off work for a few more days, which hasn’t made me happy. I thought I’d be back at work and working hard tomorrow, but I guess I just need to let my body heal and take it’s time. I’m conflicted, I want to do well, make the people I work with proud and be an asset to my company. I also know if I don’t look after myself I’m no good to anyone.

So I’ll spend the next 4 days dosed up, with lots of pillows and a few good books. Hopefully I’ll be back to myself in no time!


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