Feminist Friday: Bitch. 

I try not to get bothered by words anymore, sexist words I try and ignore but recently the word ‘bitch’ has made me furious. It’s the way it’s thrown around by some people, any woman is a ‘silly bitch’ a ‘stupid bitch’ or ‘dumb bitch’. Why is this word used so much to joke about or degrade women?

I feel confused often about how I feel about words. Do I need to get this angry or upset? Does it matter? I just get pissed off that there are men in particular who I know that use the word bitch so flippantly. I am upset, I am annoyed and right at this moment I don’t care if people think I’m making a fuss. I’m sick of terms like this being throw around and assumptions being made because I am in the possession of a vagina.

This is a shorter post and more of a mind explosion but it needed to be said.

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