Feminist Friday: Why I Didn’t Take Part in Equal Pay Day Protests


You may or may not know that yesterday was Equal Pay Day, because of wage gaps due to gender. As of yesterday, many women around the world work for free for the rest of the year, compared to men. While I received invitations from other feminists who were going to walk out of their jobs at 3.34 to protest the inequality and express their anger and frustration. I was not one of these women. I stayed until 5pm, as I do because that is what is in my contract, and that was that.

I completely understand women do it. I am angered and frustrated that there are women who are treated worse than men. I am lucky enough to have not faced that prospect while working. I’ve never been treated or earned less than any men, to my knowledge. While I fully acknowledge there is a problem and it needs to be addressed, but I can’t just walk out of my job. It might be selfish but I can’t risk my job, my career and my life, I’m not in a position to do that. It makes me feel like a terrible woman, a terrible feminist but that’s my situation.   I think that more can be done in terms of laws and reviews of employment. It is true that women are often not given the same opportunities as men, meaning they cannot progress. It’s such a complex issues with so many different avenues to explore and argue. There’s a million shades of gray to this situation and it genuinely made me feel so sad.

Of course, I stand with my sisters around the world to fight for this right, feminism is about equality. It’s literally what it means. We need to carry on fighting for equality and for each other but I refuse to feel bad for risking all I’ve worked so hard for because I can still fight with my words.


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