Sunday 7: The Perks of Being an Auntie


This morning the world welcomed little Ollie and now I’m an Auntie to 2 little lovelies. It’s one of the best things and even when Lexi arrived as a surprise I fell in love with her and now, even though Ollie was only born at 6.55 this morning I love him too. Here are 7 things that are the best about being an Auntie/ Godmother.  

Seeing someone you love become a parent is an amazing thing. You also get to see them reflected in their kids. 

You get to play make believe and play with kids toys to bond. Although, Peek-a-boo is still one of my favorites. 


Little people hugs are the best, the absolute best. Lexi has been known to change my entire day with one hug. 

Being able to act like a kid and having an excuse for it! Lex and I used to run and shout rawr. It’s a perfect stress reliever.


Birthdays and Christmas are MAGIC to kids. I’m a huge kid around celebrations so there’s nothing better than having a like minded little person to get excited with. 

Being able to give them back is the best part of being an aunt. I’m not ready for kids of my own but I love spending time with the little ones. 

Having someone to cuddle, love and make smile <3. 


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