Feminist Friday: 5 Contemporary Non Fiction Books Every Feminist Should Read

We’ve all heard of the classic feminist texts from The Second Sex to The Female Eunuch, some of us have even studied them. While I fully understand their importance, they can be quite heavy and slightly hard to relate to the 21st century woman. Fear not! I’ve compiled a list of 5 Feminist books that I think are definitely worth a read. Don’t forget I love to hear from you all so if you can recommend any more, leave me a note in the comments!



Girl Up 

Laura Bates features twice on this list, and with good reason. While a few years ago Laura was relatively unknown she’s now a key voice in modern british feminism. This is her second book, Girl Up is a book I wish I’d had growing up. With a mix of serious messages, humor and drawings of dancing vaginas (yes, you read that right), what more can I say? This has Laura’s stamp all over it and although it would help teenagers I thoroughly enjoyed it as a twenty something and it was comforting to know Laura herself wasn’t 100% confident in calling herself a feminist once upon a time.


Everyday Sexism 

Laura’s first book was based on the website she founded, based to give women a safe space to call out everyday sexism, after it happened to her one too many times. It made me realise that, actually, the way I’d been treated in the street, in pubs and clubs, even at university wasn’t ok and I wasn’t ‘over reacting’. It’s such an important book and really makes you think about anything you may have passed off in fear of looking like you’re overreacting.


How To Be A Woman

This book changed my life. Caitlin is an incredible writer and feminist. She’s both funny and gives insight into issues around us. This made me declare I was a feminist and not give a damn what anyone else thought. I reviewed it here.


The Vagenda

Holly and Rhiannon have taken on the magazine and media culture we’re faced with. For a long time I’ve read women’s magazines and have increasingly felt frustrated were real women like this? Why did we need all these make up ads and ‘please your man’ articles recycled every month. This was eye opening and I found myself cheering them on and I haven’t read a ‘women’s’ magazine since.  


Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism

I’ll admit that when I read a section of this for a class, I wasn’t impressed, however the more I read the more I agreed. Walter looks at the impact that the doll has had on women and why there is such a fascination with women being depicted as barbies or childlike. An intriguing read.



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