Pondering Life and Bridget.


I’ve been 22 now for 3 days. I know that one day doesn’t make life miraculously change anything but it’s made me just think about where my life is right now and what I want to do with it. I wrote on Sunday about 7 things I want to do this year, but it goes deeper than that. It’s been a big year of change and challenges, it’s taken me a long time to admit that I can’t control everything and life’s going to do what it does. It doesn’t mean that I sometimes get a little down because everything isn’t 100% how I thought or wanted it to be.

It’s funny because last weekend (on my last day of being 21) I went to see the latest Bridget Jones film. While growing up I loved Bridget and for a period of time I watched the first film almost every night. Even as a teen there was something I saw in Bridget, that she wasn’t perfect and she messed up from time to time but she just got on with it. In the latest film, watching as a 20 something, while Bridget is a 40 something, I felt comforted again. Bridget may seem like an odd person to be cheered up by, but the fact that life didn’t go perfectly but she made the best of what she had filled me with hope.

A lot of people look at my life and think what do you have to complain about?! You’re in a loving relationship, you have a good job and you passed your degree. All those things are true and while I acknowledge that I am in a good position it doesn’t mean I don’t worry like every other 20 something. I worry about how my career is going to go, whether we’ll be able to buy a house or will we just rent? Will we want children. I think I’m pretty normal in the fact that sometimes my brain goes into overdrive and I think WHAT IS THE FUTURE WHY IS IT SO BIG AND SCARY.

I’m hoping that while I know that life is going to do what it does and I’ll try and steer it the right way. I don’t really know what this post is about or if there was a big reason. I guess I just needed to write about how I feel because like all the songs say, 22 is confusing as hell. Let’s hope I can look to Bridget for a little more inspiration and understanding the older I get.

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