Sunday Seven: Seven Things I Learnt Doing a Big Move


I’ve moved a total of three times in my life prior to this weekend. The first time I was two and moved into my parents current house with my Mum after her and Dad had first bought it, the second was into Halls and the third was into the flat that Ali and I shared. Now I’m sat in the new house and I thought I’d put together seven things I learnt in my biggest move so far.


The more boxes you can get hold of for free, the better

Seriously, boxes are damn expensive. We had to buy two lots because obviously everyone was moving out of uni at the same time. If you can plan in advance and get boxes for free.

You have more stuff than you think you do 

I honestly thought I had less stuff but you’d be incredibly surprised how much stuff you can accumulate over time, really surprising.

Saying goodbye to a place feels weird

Kingston has been my home for three years and driving out across the bridge yesterday with the town disappearing in the mirror was weird and a little heartbreaking. It’s still sinking in that it’s not my home anymore.

Having a panic/cry is ok 

I felt very overwhelmed when we got to the other end and again this morning. Moving is a BIG DEAL! It’s ok to have a little panic and let yourself feel what you need to feel.

You’ll notice strange things about your new place 

After moving from the centre of Kingston and living on a busy one way system I couldn’t get over how damn quiet it is at night. At my Mum’s I’m near a quite busy road but here I can’t hear anything and it’s dark, so dark.

Little things become very exciting

I’m living somewhere with a garden. A GARDEN. There were no gardens in Kingston for us.

There’s nothing better than having your family close by

The best part about moving is the fact that I’m closer to my family and there’s nothing better than that.

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