Getting Our Move On 

Hello, hello, hello!

I’m writing this to you from our new home, which is very weird. We’ve moved in with Ali’s  Mum for a while, we’ll be looking and sorting out our next place to call our own but for now we’re staying in the house along with Ali’s mum, sister and cat Suki. Of course the Hamsters are also here, although carefully shut in the bedroom so that Suki doesn’t take more than a little bit of a liking to them.

While we were driving back together (the first time Ali’s been on the motorway in my new car) we talked about how it felt to be back, how everything was going to fit in. I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised, I’m feeling ok. I honestly thought I’d be really down and stressed, but it’s been ok. For the first time in three years we have a garden and at night it’s actually quiet, my family are just around the corner. We don’t have to deal with drunk students and people smoking outside our window. There are things were going to miss, obviously, we loved Kingston. I’ll miss the riverside, the fact I can just pop in and see my best friend every weekend while picking up my comic books.

There’s a new chapter in our lives and everything is happening. I won’t lie I’m absolutely exhausted and feeling a little rough at the moment but at the same time there’s no one I’d rather go through this with. He’s pretty fab and let’s see what the future is going to hold.

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