What could you live without?


What could you live without in life? Now really think about it. Most of us often buy things we don’t need, clothes, shoes, food, those little offers at the till that everyone has fallen for at least once. While many were hunting through the bargains of Black Friday, another hoard of people were taking part in buy nothing day. I was really proud of myself that I didn’t buy anything this weekend simply because it was reduced, I’ve been tricked into spending money that way wayyy too many times.

While reading I came across the story of Michelle McGaugh, who is trying not to spend any money other than bills and a small food budget for an entire year. She won’t be getting any public transport and her family and friends can’t bail her out either. It’s a really eye opening concept and I got talking to her and others on Twitter about it. It made me think about the amount of money that goes out of my bank account and why the hell it is that much.

After finding out that my masters degree is going to be a bit more pricey than I originally planned I’m going to have to spend the next 6 months tightening my belt and saving as much as possible. The last thing I want to do is take out another government loan on top of the one I’ve already got. I think I’d cry if I saw that much going out of a salary every month. In all seriousness though just as I’ve been careful about what I’ve been putting in my body, I’m also going to be careful about what’s coming out of my pocket.

I’m not going to be doing this to the extreme but in the case of this week. I like having lunch as uni/work so I’ll allow myself a budget of £5 on each of those days but for the rest of the week there is nothing other than my bus fare that I’d need to pay for, so I’m hoping to bank that money. I’m sick of being drawn in my impulse buys here and there. I’d be able to have so much more if I just had a dedicated shopping day!

I think there’s a lot to think about here and I’ve really been inspired. So how about you guys? Do you think you could give up impulse spending and only spend money on the things you REALLY need first and foremost? Let me know and give Michelle a follow on Twitter while reading her story here

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