Horses with Mum and Sums

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Me and my sister visiting Rubey 

Visitors today! Yippie! My Mum and Sister came to visit me on her day off school. So naturally I had booked a horse riding lesson for my sister, basically because she’s the only person apart from my friends brave enough to come with me!

It was so much fun and cheered me up to have them around and introduce both Mum and Sums to the horses, especially Rubey (that is how her name is spelt). I also had them watching me ride…although the horse I was on today was not in a good mood and was not happy to be around other horses. The best bit though? I finally came off the lunge and was controlling the horse on my own!!!! Yippie!

My sister, however, turned out the be a natural at horse riding. She did so well on Princess who I booked knowing that she’d be a good horse for her. I got more than a little excited when she started on a rising trot and started to get it, definite proud big sister moment.

              IMG_1749 IMG_1755

As usual I had to go and see Rubey after as well as before and she was so cuddly it was amazing. She has an absolutely lovely owner as well, Sapphire is brilliant with her and one of the sweetest kids ever, she certainly teaches me a lot when I help out at the weekends.

So that’s today, oh not to forget meeting up with Joe too!, my Mum enjoyed it  but she’s decided horse riding isn’t for her. All in all a pretty good day apart from Eleanor still being poorly but she’s never down for long!

I’m thinking of doing some more fun posts over the weekend and uploading anything I’ve missed!

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